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    "No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else"
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    Morpeth, Northumberland, United Kingdom
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    Crochet, Reading, Movies, Music & Travelling
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    Full Time Mother & Wife
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    Since Summer 2012
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  1. Thank You Cindy x
  2. Thank you ladies, the border took me 3 days to complete! (purely because I did it in between school runs, looking after kids and cooking lol
  3. Nikki Ranson

    Introducing myself

    Greeting s from the UK
  4. Nikki Ranson

    African flower crochet pattern lover

    Welcome to Crochetville, Absolutely beautiful work and an amazing website, just followed you on Instagram I look forward to chatting some more x
  5. When I found out the husband's nephew's fiancée was expecting, I told her when I found out what sex they were having that I wanted to make a baby blanket for her. I love making blankets for others and turning pretty yarn into something gorgeous. I decided to go for a sunburst granny square pattern and followed Sarah-Jayne's (Bella Coco) Pom Pom Edging tutorial on YouTube for the border. I also made it in her favourite shade of purple too! At the end I still had one ball of purple and one ball of beige left, so I decided to try Valerie's First Birthday Crochet Dress pattern a go and I think it turned out fab! Which is even more a bonus that that the Nephew's Bride to Be loves it too! I'd love to know what you all think!
  6. Nikki Ranson

    March 2018 Table Happy St. Patrick's Day

    Wow I love this display, I never seen anything like this anymore where I live here in the UK! So it's nice to see on the Ville! Well done, you did a brilliant job!
  7. Nikki Ranson

    Tunisian Crochet Cowl

    This is absolutely gorgeous, this I gotta try
  8. Nikki Ranson

    Cot Blanket, Baby Girl - Pink

    Thanks ladies, I even got a photo from the lady I made it for, of her great niece sitting on it, but as it's not my child, I can't post in here, but she looked lovely with it!
  9. Nikki Ranson

    WIP Star Wars R2D2 Pixel Blanket

    Thank you hun!
  10. Nikki Ranson

    WIP Star Wars R2D2 Pixel Blanket

    Since I last took that photo, I'm upto the blue rows, I will take another photo over the weekend, once I've done some more! It will be my first attempt at a pixel blanket
  11. Nikki Ranson

    WIP Star Wars R2D2 Pixel Blanket

    I drafted out the design on square paper, as you can see I've coloured squares in green, but those are the white parts of the character, it was just easier for me to work out the amount of squares etc
  12. Nikki Ranson

    WIP Star Wars R2D2 Pixel Blanket

    So the son asked me to make him a Star Wars Blanket! So I decided to have a try at making a pixel art blanket! Making small granny squares (2 rows in each) and joining them as I go. I will add to the thread as I go! Thanks for reading
  13. Nikki Ranson

    Cot Blanket, Baby Girl - Pink

    Thanks ladies x
  14. Where In My Profile, Can I Find How To.... Change my Signature?