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  • Birthday 10/23/1985


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    "No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else"
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    Morpeth, Northumberland, United Kingdom
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    Crochet, Reading, Movies, Music & Travelling
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    Full Time Mother & Wife
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    Since Summer 2012
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  1. Nikki Ranson

    Greetings - I'm Dawn

    Greetings from the UK Looking forward to seeing you around the boards x
  2. Nikki Ranson

    WIP Star Wars R2D2 Pixel Blanket

    An update!
  3. www.ranson.cc/nikki
  4. Nikki Ranson

    CROM January 2019

    Crochet Finished Objects of the Month for January 2019... Whether you started your project in January or not, but finished it in January, let's share what we have finished in January 2019...
  5. Nikki Ranson


    Hello from the UK
  6. Nikki Ranson

    Crocheting in Louisiana

    Hello and Greetings from the UK
  7. Nikki Ranson


    Welcome from the UK
  8. Nikki Ranson

    WIP Star Wars R2D2 Pixel Blanket

    Thanks hun, shame I've ran out of white and now running out of black, but just going till I have to buy more. Its only taken 10 months sitting in a box waiting to be finished, life has totally taken over I've got until April to finish it
  9. Nikki Ranson

    WIP Star Wars R2D2 Pixel Blanket

    An update on the R2D2 throw, been so busy the past 6 months! I love how I now have time to sit and finish it off! I've ran out of white yarn, however I'm doing the grey blue and black parts first, with the yarn I have left then I can judge how much of the grey ans blue I need to purchase on top of white and more black.
  10. Nikki Ranson

    Hello & Merry Christmas from North Carolina!

    Hello and welcome from the UK.... beautiful hat
  11. Nikki Ranson

    Christmas wreaths

    These are beautiful, well done xx
  12. Thank You Cindy x
  13. Thank you ladies, the border took me 3 days to complete! (purely because I did it in between school runs, looking after kids and cooking lol
  14. Nikki Ranson

    Introducing myself

    Greeting s from the UK
  15. Nikki Ranson

    African flower crochet pattern lover

    Welcome to Crochetville, Absolutely beautiful work and an amazing website, just followed you on Instagram I look forward to chatting some more x