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    "No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else"
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    Morpeth, Northumberland, United Kingdom
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    Crochet, Reading, Movies, Music & Travelling
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    Full Time Mother & Wife
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  1. No not at all, I love to help in anyway that I can x
  2. Thank You x I’m just glad I could help my niece xx
  3. It’s just a basic corner to corner blanket then I used the border off another blanket, for some reason my iPad won’t copy and paste into the thread so I will send it to you in PM
  4. Thanks I’m currently working on another one, but white with pink ribbon x
  5. Wasn’t sure on how to do the name.... how would you of done it?
  6. On the run up to Christmas 2018, my youngest felt left out with his friends as they all had a elf, so November 2019 I created this one, and made my youngest smile..... And yes we had fun
  7. I was asked by our niece if I could crochet her kids a personalised stockings, never done anything like this before, for a first attempt, I think it went well!
  8. I have a friend who owns her own salon in the USA and she asked me to create 25 pairs (5 different designs). So In this batch I made multicoloured earrings, 5 pairs of each design. I have shared one of each of the designs with you, to show you how they turned out, I’d love your feedback....
  9. Nikki Ranson

    Baby Shawl

    This was made for a friend’s niece who was expecting her first baby boy in January!
  10. Brother in law challenged me to another one for his birthday in 2020, but need more time
  11. My blog can be found at www.ranson.cc where I share the story behind my makes on my store
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