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  1. thank you for all the warm welcomes to the bag lady club,I'm still on cloud nine and feel so happy sorry it took so long to get this posted
  2. Its me, soooooooooooo very happy and excited ,I have always wanted to have my own bag,I was eyeing my mom's ( Pineknott ) kind of tired now,will take a picture of it tomorrow,thank you MaryJo for thinking of me,I love the doll and the counter
  3. Thank you for the squares and card Katy I'll post a pic tomorrow afternoon.
  4. Here's my last four stockings for now
  5. Heres two more stockings, I have four more done they just need to be seamed.
  6. Thanks Brenda and Cindy
  7. Thanks Brenda, your more than double crochet machine to my knit machine here's another kinda crazy stocking
  8. I've been measuring mine from the cuff to the toe also.
  9. Thanks Cindy
  10. finished another one
  11. Here's one knit in the round and I attempted to change colors
  12. Heres pictures of the stockings I've worked on lately
  13. Thank You The Lamb and Bubble Gum are just too cute Brenda thank you, love all the stocking you are making too. I did make a stocking where it is knit in the round I was so happy about doing the wrap stitches I didn't pay attention on the second part and did it in the wrong order but it still looks okay, but it is too small because I ran out of yarn, so I am going to keep that one for myself and make another one and do the pattern correctly. will post a pic soon. your picture is beautiful wow, 18 loaves of friendship bread, is that the one where you have a starter?
  14. the stockings are knitted flat and then seamed, if I was to knit one in the round I don't know if it would be finished yet eventually I am going to try one in the round, but I have a blanket commitment that I need to finish by the end of this month.
  15. I can finally post that I have some stockings completed and can post pictures.