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  1. not sure if you still want some but i've got 2 skeins of it but each skein is a different color
  2. i've got some cotton tots if you still want it. i have some in blue, yellow and an ombre called easter parade which is mainly white with some purple and some other colors
  3. I'm happy to be using some yarn from my stash but i'm sure i'm going to have to go out and buy at least 1 skein of the coffee colored yarn since I had 2 pink and only 1 coffee. I used pink as the first color and the coffee is already used up more then the pink. i'm doing 2 rows pink 2 rows coffee all the way throughout. now i'm on row 9 so its moving along
  4. so i just started this a little while ago and i'm getting the hang of it. working on row 3 now. i'm using red heart super saver in pink and brown. its not like i needed anothe project lool since i have a million WIPs but its such a nice pattern i had to try it out! i hope you guys dont mind me joining in
  5. ok so i know i'm talking to myself here but i'm just too excited about my progress so far! last night i attatched the 8 granny blocks around the star and got most of row 1 of the border done so i'm hoping to finish the star border tonight. i'm really pleased and how fast this is going!
  6. ok so i FINALLY got started on this last night and i'm already confused looool. for the granny block 1 round 2 it says to TURN then sl st in first ch-2 space. that doesn't make sense. wouldn't i just sl st in top of ch-3 and then sl st in ch 2 and continue working like that? like a regular granny square??
  7. thats a beautiful blanky!!! i'm sure she'll love it!
  8. that is so cute! i am having a baby girl at the end of june and just printed this pattern out yesterday. did it come out a little larger since the pound of love is a bit thicker then baby weight yarn??
  9. The yarn and the crochet and yarn magazines are now sold!
  10. Magazine's for sale+ Rainbow Boucle yarn Ok so we are moving to a new house and i'm trying to destach some things that i haven't been using. I've got 2 skeins of the Joan Rainbow Boucle yarn in "fushia" which are still untouched. I will sell each for $5 plus shipping. SOLD!!!!! I also have a ton of magazines in just about brand new condition. Interweave Knits- Summer 2008- $4 Interweave Knits- Winter 2008 - $4 Interweave Knits- Fall 2007- $4 SOLD!!! Interweave Knits- Summer 2007 - $4 Interweave Knits- Spring 2007- $4 SOLD!!! Interweave Knits- Spring 2008 $4 SOLD!!! Creative Knitting- May 2006-$4 Simply Knitting- August 2007- $4 Crochet!- March 2007- $4 SOLD!!!! Yarn- December 2007- $4 SOLD!!! I take payments by paypal. Thanks!
  11. Updated with more information!
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