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    Audrey Foster
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    Reading, Writing, Crochet
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    Waitress and Student
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    Since 2006
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    Amigurumi and Afghans
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  1. captainhook886

    Grandma from North Texas

    Welcome from OHIO!
  2. captainhook886

    Hello from Pa

    Hi! Welcome to Crochetville!
  3. captainhook886

    Close to Urbana, OH?

    My mom went to Kenton Ridge and so did all of my cousins. My dad went out to Tecumseh
  4. captainhook886

    Close to Urbana, OH?

    That's awesome! My whole family is from Springfield! It's just nice to see someone else on here that is from the area
  5. captainhook886

    Candy Corn Bag

    Thank you so much! I put this up in my Etsy shop about a month ago, and I'm hoping that someone will be able to get some good use out of it!
  6. captainhook886

    Please introduce yourself

    Hello from Ohio!
  7. captainhook886

    Crochet on Facebook

    Check out my Facebook page! It's www.facebook.com/captainhookscrochet. This will link you to my Etsy page as well. I always appreciate feedback! Let me know what you think!
  8. captainhook886

    Crocheted Flower Shoulder Bag- made by Zycee

    That's beautiful! I love it!
  9. captainhook886

    Candy Corn Bag

    I made this cute candy corn bag since Halloween is coming up!
  10. captainhook886

    Hello fellow crocheters!

    Hi from OHIO!
  11. captainhook886

    Anyone around Cincinnati, Ohio ?

    I'm close to Springfield, about an hour and a half from Cincinnati
  12. captainhook886

    Close to Urbana, OH?

    Is there anyone around the Urbana, OH area? Looking for people who may be interested in starting a club around the area, since unfortunately, there isn't one
  13. captainhook886

    Hello from OHIO!

    I've been crocheting for a long time; my grandmother taught me when I was young! I've recently gotten really into the hobby, and I'm looking for people to share it with! I'm looking into starting my own crochet club for anyone in the Miami Valley/Columbus area of Ohio that is interested!