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  • Birthday 10/21/1952

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    Dixie Duppstadt
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    I'm a retired custodial worker from a nearby school district.Now I spend my days crocheting,reading,tending my goats,dogs,turtles and cat.Throw in a few day trips some flea markets and a trip to the beach and I'm one happy old gal.
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    sweaters,slippers,wrist warmers,a little bit of everything
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    since the early 1980's
  1. Love your hats.You have done an awesome job on them.I would love to be able to barter in goods instead of money all of the time.Congrats!
  2. Looks cozy and warm.I definitely need one of these for winter.Thanks for the pattern.
  3. What a great little display.Halloween is supposed to be scary but your display makes me smile...........so cute!
  4. Thank you for the welcome."Happy Fall Ya'll"
  5. Hello Crochetville,It's so nice to meet you.My name is Dixie and I live in Pennsylvania.I am a self-taught crocheter.Now that I am retired I have more time to learn new crochet stitches and techniques and this looks like the ideal place to learn.Thank you for letting me join.
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