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  1. Hi and thank you for the welcome Sharon and Kathy! The problem I'm having is in fact with the foundation chain. I just can't get the hook under both loops for one stitch, let alone the two it's asking for. I'm going to try and re-do the chain a little looser and see if that helps. As a general rule though, can I choose between both loops and back loop only when working into the foundation or is it whatever the pattern indicates (in this case, I think it's both loops since it doesn't say "BLO"). Thank you ladies for your help! Tatiana
  2. I'm attempting to make some baby socks using this pattern: http://www.ballhanknskein.com/2013/06/newborn-baby-sock-crochet-pattern.html And since it says specifically where to work the back loop only I'm assuming that every where else would be both loops. The problem is I cannot get my hook under both loops of my chain. The yarn is a soft, slippery sport/baby yarn, and my hook is a size D 3.25mm aluminum hook. Can I just work in the back loop or will that cause problems for me later on? I just can't see how ANYONE could possibly get the hook under both loops of such small, slippery s
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