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  1. Still frustrated. I am thinking it's not supposed to look pretty on the reverse side. I am losing my straight edges. ???? I hope to figure something out soon before I lose hope.
  2. Thank you so mich for the help! I'll play around with the stitching.... I think what confuses me is how the reverse side looks....I'm used to standard crochet!
  3. Hi All! I finally jumped into a Tunisian afghan for the first time. Of course, reading and interpreting the pattern makes me feel like I'm reading a foreign language. I'm making the Zigzag Squares by Premier Yarns/Deborah Norville Collection. (I already made this blanket with standard crochet stitches with huge success!) I have been searching video tutorials for their Houndstooth Squares with no luck. I'm stuck on the slip stitch then the above and behind part. Is the slip stitch like a normal crochet stitch? And what about the above and behind? I'm lost and any help would be so appreciated. Sk first st, sl next vertical bar onto hook, [pull up lp in next horizontal bar above and behind next vertical bar, sl next vertical bar onto hook] across to last st, Tks in last st. Thank you!!