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    just a stay-at-home mom of 3 kids, 5 cats, 2 rats, 1 leopard gecko and a hubby of 18 yrs. (my user pic was made by shoegal_icons on LiveJournal)
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    Dearborn Heights, Michigan
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    crochet, knitting, graphic art, drawing, reading
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    Almost anything, but I get bored with afghans easily
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    Regularly since 1997, but learned at 7 years of age
  1. My maternal Grandmother mainly, and her sister helped too. I was probably around 7yrs old. My Grandmother gave me my first hook and a ball of yarn and sat with me teaching me the basics. After stopping in my teens and almost forgetting what I was taught, I relearned how to crochet when I was 27 by myself, as I was pregnant with my daughter and on a doctor-ordered semi-bedrest at the time and needed sometimg to occupy myself. My MIL had a hook, a ball of yarn, and some magazines that I "played" with trying to remember what I was taught 20yrs before. After my daughter was born I started gett
  2. My maternal Grandmother and her sister taught me the basics when I was very young. I stopped crocheting in my teens and didn't pick it up again until my late 20's. I ended up getting a couple of books to help me remember what they taught me many years before and I've been crocheting non-stop since.
  3. As of right now, I have at the least 4 crochet WIPS, and 3 knitting WIPs going. I also always generally have a "purse project" going too. I actually carry a backpack style bag everytime I go out, instead of a purse, and I try to make sure I have a small portable crochet project in it at times
  4. I am right-handed for pratically everything and the funny thing is that when I intially was teaching Jonathan how to crochet, I was teaching him right-handed because he writes with his right hand, but he picked up crocheting with his left hand on his own! He is also truely ambedexterous.
  5. From what I saw, this happened almost a year ago and I am so sorry that it happened. Well anyway, we had a cat that would pee everywhere. She had peed on my daughters brand new sleeping bag and I was desperate to save it, so I looked around and read that Borax takes out pet odors. So I decided to try it and it worked! She would even pee on the laundry and it worked on the clothes too, so I use it all of the time now. (We no longer have her, she accidentally got outside when one of the kids opened the front door and didn't pay any attention, it's been a month and she hasn't ret
  6. I have just made buttons from scratch on Photoshop CS, as long as I know the pixel/KB requirement, it is really easy to just pick colors and fonts...
  7. I like this snood! I also have fine hair, but I like my hair long and I love wearing things like this, also something like this would work very nicely with my Renaissance Garb!
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