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  1. I have done 43 and 1/2 rows including the starting chain. There isn't much more to add to the description of how I am doing it except I am doing 3 double crochet's at the top of the peak in one chain, and skipping 2 in the valley.
  2. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone can help me, my lapghan is a chevron stitch, 160 and 10 peaks, I do it in 7's and I am at the end of a row and it comes up short by one, I redo and start one chain over and it ends in 8 what am I doing wrong!
  3. i have been counting the whole way, so are you telling me there is no way to fix it but to rip out the entire row?!?! had a mess with the yarn all tangled up. Had to cut it a couple of times to fix it, so now I have like 3 places in this particular row I have tied off. scared to rip it all out I might not be able to tie the yarn in so it doesn't show next time.
  4. i have been going along on my 4th row of my chevron and the stitches are supposed to be 9 between valley's and peaks, and my last 9 came up 8!! help!
  5. ​​scarf I completed over the weekend with dc using a variegated long color change yarn
  6. I am in Bedford Texas a suburb of Ft. Worth
  7. I have made a couple of scarfs with dc, and I just wanted to make sure you could make an afghan with just that kind of stitch as I researched and found that some stitches are not good using varigated yarn. Do I need to make some kind of boarder?
  8. hi everyone thought i would join the forum in hopes of getting a little help with my new hobby, no groups around close enough to me to join one.
  9. Hi everyone, I am new to all of this but I need some advice, I picked up some varigated yarn today a 4 and using a 6.5 hook, I want to make a lapghan and I want to know what is the easiest and best stich for it. Thank you in advance
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