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  1. I have bought thread from her twice and have recieved it in two weeks, it was covered in plastic, and I was pleased with the thread.
  2. All three are great but my favorite are the bottom two.
  3. I came up with this bookmark just before the last Harry Potter Book came out. After reading the book I thought I should share with others who might enjoy making this little guy. You can find the pattern on my website. Here is a view of the bookmark with tassel in view.
  4. I hope your grandmother loves the purse it is beautiful. The anatomical heart bookmark and Larynx patterns I came up with on my own. The eye pattern came from a creative lady named Regina her website is called Monster Crochet, I got the eyeball pattern from the pattern a day calendar for 2007. I have considered making a brain pattern for I had not come across anyone who has made one yet but I got mentally stuck on the hills and groves on a brain that will be the challenge for a brain pattern. I'll have to give it some more thought.
  5. Sheila I also made this purse, and I sl stitched the 2 halves together. If I made this purse again I would have made the opening between the 2 halves larger so it would be easier to fit my hand into it. I also lined the purse in a similar color. I simply bought some metal chain and sewed the chain to the purse as a handle becasue the purse seemed too delicate for the wide bulky handles I saw at the store. Here is a link to a pic of the purse
  6. He is so cute, and so small what size hook did you use?
  7. Thanks for showing your bookmarks, I really like your pumpkin one as well as the pink flower bookmark. You were on quite a role.
  8. I love it, especially the colors you chose.
  9. I like how both turned out and the color choice for both as well.
  10. Your bookmarks turned out so nice you make me want to make a few of my own.
  11. The use of edging patterns was creative and they turned out quite nice, thanks for the links.
  12. It looks like Eva is moving to here: http://www.nogenlunde.com and it is going to take her some time to repost her patterns.
  13. Kathy, I thought I would let you know I made one of the undercover bookmarkers and for the pattern to look right I added 3 ch stitches to the {ch 74} to make it 77 instead. Before I did this the bookmark looked a little shashed on the end but now it looks right. I really love it now that I have one of my own.
  14. The bookmark turned out very nice
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