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  1. Thank you! I guess we all have to live and learn! Someone said you need to learn something new each day.
  2. Thank you all so much!!! I feel like I can crochet happy! No really, the character Happy, from the anime Fairy Tail! I was putting him off due to second guessing myself. But your kind words have given me hope!!
  3. Hi! I'm just interrupting to ask, what is this Wish List thing? I understand that it is a list of things someone wants but how do you fulfill it? Do you make or buy the item and mail it to them? If a download only pattern, won't we need e-mails? Just pretend I'm from Saturn and spell it out in simple words. For some reason it is not getting through to my brain. Thank you for your time!!
  4. Thank you all for the warm welcomes!!!! In response to USpolishgirl, I have just put some photos up under Bags and Purses. The pictures are not great but they are there. Have a good night all!!
  5. Here is a few of the market bags I've done.
  6. Thank you both for your help!! Avon Lady and Granny Square!!! I have since learned that 18 year old men don't always hear what Mom says! "Son, will you please wipe down the inside of the washer and make sure there is no other laundry in it. I want this stuff to run by itself." Must have been heard as, 'here throw this stuff in the washer and start it. Yeah leave those socks and towels in there.' I am in a wheelchair and our home is way too small to use it. So I have my bedroom setup for my crafting. Unfortunately, my sons have had to pick up on everyday household tasks. I call out instructions but.....live and learn. Just wish that something was said before I posted it here.
  7. What did I do wrong??? ​Using Lily's Sugar n Cream 100% cotton, I first made a 12 x 12 washcloth. Tossed it my eldest son and said 'see how you like it'. He liked it just fine but for the color running across the bottom of the bathtub. After being washed you could see just how much it had faded. But no shrinkage or other problems. Ok, search up how to set color, read 3 different ones and went with my own mix. (1 part epsom salt to 12 parts H2O and 12 parts white vinegar) or 1 tablespoon epsom salt to 3/4 cup water and 3/4 cup white vinegar. Water was cold. Let sit for 30 minutes and squeezed out, put the cotton items in the washer (already filled with cold water) (no soap) let the washer run the full cycle and popped items into the dryer with a dryer sheet. No sweat! I'm like going to have half a dozen market bags to take to the farmers market, use a few and maybe someone will say, 'hey, I need one of those!' and sell one or two. If not I have what I need for grocery shopping! Win, win either way...right? Maybe not!!!! When the dryer stopped I was MAD! All over all the bags were little balls of lint!! Ok, calm down, deep breath....sat down with one bag and gave it a GOOD shake--nothing. Run over the bag with a lint roller--a few came off. Started to pick them off one at a time AND....it was pulling on the yarn, leaving little tails everywhere!!!! My pretty market bags in 3 different styles all looked like they had been rolling around under the couch where the vacuum won't reach!!! True, I get to keep all of them for myself now, but....what the 'darning needle' happened????????
  8. Greetings! I'm an old dragon gone to roost. My mind and hands are about all that still function. I have been crocheting since est. age 10, but never had any guidance. What I thought was a single crochet for 3 decades, I have learned is really a slip stitch. All Blessing to the Internet!!! lol For the last year I have made a determined effort to learn to crochet so I could make the things I couldn't afford. Like the beautiful shawl in all the right colors...sells at the craft shows for $250...out of my reach!! But $25 for yarn and a month of time...and I run around like a peacock with his tail spread!!! That's mainly because people have complimented it!! So now at just shy of 55, I'm taking off!! Granny thought I was 'slow', Mom didn't have 'time to waste on girly stuff', but I see it all as a way to love. The look in the person's eyes when I hand them a hat while they sit on cold concert waiting for the shelter to open...I want to do that all the time!! Merry Meet!!
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