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    long time but have hand issues
  1. I like the fleece, where did you get the pattern!! diane
  2. Oh it is sooo cute, I think I will try to make -
  3. This is so easy to make, thanks for sharing. I started one yesturday and finished also. Thanks again Diane
  4. New to knitting and havent really picked up a needle (chicken I guess) What is the difference AND what is easier!! Thanks Diane
  5. Awsome, I joined the beginners, I am also making kermit jealous. My hands hurt from crocheting so I would like to put my hook down for a bit and take up 2 needles to try. I am looking foward to this. thanks again Diane
  6. It is beautiful!!! you did an awesome job. Lucky teacher!!! Diane
  7. Wow!! I also thought it was real when I first looked at it. I am a chocoholic!!!! I saw both adds. I like the adds! Diane
  8. jobug, the photos are great, I have one square finished but need to rest my hand. So I will wait to send this one if that is ok with you. do you want them washed! Diane
  9. Great work, I'll need to add that to my to do list. But I need to rest my hook as my carpel tunnel is really acting up Diane
  10. to the 'ville Enjoy!! Diane
  11. dniece


    have fun and enjoy Diane
  12. , Nate Great job for first project Diane
  13. dniece

    I'm New

    Welcome Trinket Diane
  14. dniece

    Backpack Bag

    Thanks Yartie, I cant wait to start it, Diane (dniece)
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