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  1. Hey guys, So my cousins girlfriend is pregnant and I want to make a blanket for their baby. It will say "Noah" which will be his name when he is born. I have drafted out the name for how I want it to look and I've come up with 2 designs I like. One will have to be 17 squares long to fit the name and the other will have to be 21 but I don't know how many squares I will need to have a decent amount of squares surrounding the name and what size I should do each square. After all it's a blanket for a baby that I hope he can keep for a few years. What size for the blanket would you recommend? Ideally I would like 3-4 squares either side of the name so I don't want the name massive ???? I will attach a picture so you can see the 2 if that helps Thank you ❤️
  2. Thank you all for being so welcoming
  3. Hello everyone My name is Morgan. I'm 17 years old and I'm from Nottingham, UK. I'm currently studying travel and tourism at college but when I'm not at college I'm always crafting. I love crafts but crochet is the newest addition to the things I do. My nan taught me to knit when I was younger but I taught myself through YouTube videos how to crochet over the last year or so. My mum had a back operation and tried to take up crochet as a pass time. She struggled trying to understand the videos and written patterns so I taught myself so I could teach her hahaha. She lost interest and now it's my thing. I kind of chucked myself right in at the deep end, the first thing I made was a little heart and then I started making a top and just going with the flow. I love it! I think it's they best hobby I've taken up. I joined Crochetville because I liked the idea of being part of a crochet community It's lovely to meet you all!
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