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  1. Thanks so much for your reply. I will be trying this method on my next blanket. Will let you know how it comes out. Thanks Again, Sharon
  2. I am crocheting a Granny Square Blanket for my Granddaughter. I notice that the middle square is not straight. I have been told that if I turn my work that this will take care of the problem. Where do I turn my work when I have a typical corner of 3 DC change 1 3 DC clusters. If I turn at this point when I'm ready to start a new round do I need to change 1 or 2 etc. so my corners aren't screwed up ? Hope someone can help me out there. Thanks ahead of time. Sharon
  3. Just checked out these Bodacious Flower Patterns. These flowers would look beautiful on a purse. I going to try these on my Fat Bottom Bags I have just finished making. I love these !!! Thanks for the tip, and Happy Crocheting to everyone !
  4. You did a great job and I love the color. I just finished my 4th Fat bottom Bag. I am making them for my older Granddaughters. I'm thinking about using some kind of embellishments that would Glam it up a bit. Something with glitter. Anyone have any ideas ?
  5. Hello everyone, I'm so happy to be back on Crochetville. I have been gone for awhile. Alot of health issures with my husband. I have started to crochet again and am having such fun with it. I have made hats for my granddaughters, purses and ponchos. I bought the book Stitch & Bitch Crochet and have been working on the Fat Bottom Bags as Christmas gifts for my 4 older Granddaughters that are 19-23. I think they will just love these bags. I have a question for anyone out there that has made the Fat Bottom Bag. Any ideas on how to Glam it up a little bit with some glitter embellishments ? Just love these bags ! Sharon
  6. The Seraphina Shawl you made you mentioned how it seem to keep weighting more with each skein. I'm working on a shawl now with the Patons Brillient and I find the same thing. It keeps gaining weight ! I also notice it has alot of stretch to it. Did you find that too ? Sharon J.
  7. Thanks to all of you for all the ideas and links for patterns to use with Patons Brillient Yarn. I'm checking all these out !!! Sharon J.
  8. Hello everyone, I have just seen a beautiful scarf made with patons Brillient Yarn. I saw it on the net but have been unable to find many patterns to use with this beautiful yarn. Even the Patons site doesn't have many. Have any of you out there used this yarn and do any of you have any patterns you can share ? Hope so, it sure makes up Beautiful ! Feel free to post, I check in often or e-mail me direct at sjestes@sbcglobal.net Thanks in Advance, Sharon J.
  9. Sharon J.

    Lacy Poncho

    So Beautiful !! You did a wonderful job and I love the color. I have this pattern from Dot but haven't done it yet. Will have to make it my next project. Great Job ! Sharon J.
  10. The purse came out darling ! Great Job ! Sharon J.
  11. I don't like this one at all !! I have to really like a pattern before I would buy all that different yarn. LB got to do better then that !! Sharon J.
  12. Thanks AJ for answering all my questions. Now tomorrow I'm on my way to the yarn store. I just love your pattern for this Wrist Bag ! With 7 Granddaughters 4 of which are teenagers I know they will all want one. Thanks Again for Sharing this Great!!!! Pattern with us. Sharon J.
  13. I must be missing something ! Is the whole wrist bag done with the Sugar & Cream Cotton Worsted yarn ? Or are you mixing the Cottorn with another Regular Worsted yarn ? I love the bag and know my teenage granddaughters will love it too. Want to get the yarn to make some but not sure what to buy. Also if it's intirely made with the Cotton Worsted Sugar and Cream, how much do I need to buy to make a bag ? Thanks for the patten, just love it ! Sharon J.
  14. Hi AJ, Love this Wrist Bag. Can you tell us what the finished measurement is of the ones you have pictured ? Also you say in your pattern to use Crochet cotton/Worsted Weight Yarn. I purchase my yarns at a Michaels Store close to my home and I don't see any of this Crochet Cotton in a Worsted Weight Yarn. Can you please tell me what Brand you use what I should be looking for because nothing I find in the Worsted Weights also says Crochet cotton on it. Thanks for the pattern, Sharon J.
  15. Hi All, I just finished my 3rd Lion Brand Welcome Home Poncho. I am making them for gifts. After doing 3 I have decided I'm not to sure I like the collar. Has anyone out there tried anything different then is called for in the Lion Brand Pattern for the Collar ? Sharon J.
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