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  1. Hello friends! Hoping someone can give me some advice on blocking. I'm creating my very first sweater and I'm almost done my last piece and I will soon need to block all the pieces. Do I weave in all the tails before I block or do I block and then weave in the tails as I stitch the pieces together? What's best? TIA
  2. I'm new, too. Happy to be here! Sounds like you have lots to share with the community!
  3. Hello! I am hailing from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and I'm very happy to find such a great forum. I taught myself to crochet from online tutorials and a few youtube videos and have been crocheting for the past 2 1/2 years. I am mother to two beautiful girls, one is almost ten and the other is 20 months. I am not married, but close enough, we've been shacked up for coming on 10 years. I work in an office as an administrative assistant during the day and I moonlight as a green screen photographer, DJ, and avid crafter! I've already asked for help on a pattern I've been stuck on and rec
  4. Hello everybody! I am a relatively new crocheter, been at it just a few years now. I am working on my first sweater and I am needing help understanding the sleeve workings. http://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/crochet-cable-cardi I get up to row 5, just after the increase row. Am I increasing every row now? Or am I only increasing every time I'm repeating the 4th row? TIA
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