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  1. Thanks for all the different thoughts and input! These are the things that I needed to hear because I just can't think everything myself. I love this board What I realized is that I didn't say that this is one of several classes that I am teaching ... I get to do whatever I want class-wise (yay!) and so I am thinking of a sequence of crochet classes ... Beginning (yarn & hooks, foundation chain, sc and dc). Advanced Beginner will go on to cover increase and decrease and maybe a few more stitches. Additional classes will include Granny Squares, crocheting in the round (making a hat), Simple Baby Sweater, Pick a Project (choose what you want and I will work with you so that you know how to do what you need to), and a few open nights to come and work together on different things (UFO nights). I want to introduce people to crochet and then open doors for them to succeed and continue ... not toss an UFO in the closet from project #1. There are so many different things that you can do in crochet that it is overwhelming! It is challenging me to go further (tunesian, thread, etc) than I would otherwise. But I am struggling to find places to learn new things myself! Even lookig online for class ideas, it is amazing how limited the options are to learn such an amazing art/craft such as crochet. If you have any other ideas, I would love to hear it!
  2. I am teaching a "Beginning Crochet" class in a few weeks and an "Advanced Beginner/Continuing" Class after that. I have never taught this class before (nor taken a formal crochet class) and would love some advice! I am thinking that I will use dishcloths as the item to make while we learn ... is there someting better? Thanks for anything you can share! Karin
  3. Thanks for all your warm welcomes! The shop is called "the Yarn Garden" and is on Main Street in Anoka (corner of 3rd and Main, I think) ... across the street from the courthouse in the old Post Office building. Free parking in the lot behiond the building and a YUMMY tea room downstairs. It would be great fun to meet a few people there! Karin
  4. Hi! Just wanted to say "hi" as a new person here. I live in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area for thos of you who don't know) ... just moved back after a few year stint "up north" and never want to leave again. I leared to crochet when I was a kid and picked it back up a few years ago. My aunt just open a new yarn shop in Anoka and has deemed me the "resident crochet expert" (yikes!) so I am diving into a whole new area for me. But I am excited! Crochet is doing so many wonderful things and the internet (gee, I sound old! Must be the mid-thirties crisis) has opened up so many opportunities for techniques, patterns, and connecting with others who crochet. I have been lurking here for a while and am glad to be a part of this board Karin
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