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  1. mstigestn

    Stitch help

    Hello! Can someone help me identify this stitch please?? I made it a few years ago and don’t remember the stitch.
  2. You. Are. Amazing.thankyou!!
  3. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/free-tutorial-how-to-crochet-a-lucet-cord The patterns are downloadable
  4. I didn't buy anything. She provides pictures and I don't understand the pictures if that make sense. I'm so used to seeing a video tutorial I have a hard time looking at written or picture directions
  5. Does anyone know how to make this design using twine or rope, i cant find a video on it anywhere. The website on the pic is impossible for me to follow. I attached the link below http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/cord-soles-any-size-customized
  6. mstigestn


    Hello everyone! I want to crochet a pair of shoes! Does anyone know where i can find some soles that i can crochet into??
  7. mstigestn


    I would like to add it to a bra top i just made, and a blanket
  8. mstigestn


    How would i go about lining a project without a sewing machine??
  9. Wow thank you soooo much!!!
  10. Maybe a shirt for the hot weather?
  11. can anyone help me read this? Im only good at watching videos and i want to understand this. i posted the link below.
  12. Hi everyone, does anyone have ideas on how to add sea shells while making an ankle bracelet?? If so, let me know
  13. i saw it on a young ladys instagram profile but she sells the tops. and ive seen a few on etsy and pintrest, but they are all for sale with no pattern. i attached the picture i saw.
  14. Hi everyone I'm looking for a pattern on a crochet top, more like a bra that wraps around the body, it's in a decreasing method with half double crochet. It ties around the neck and the straps that come over the chest tie on the back. Anyone have any ideas??
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