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  1. Thread Title: Full - Hoodie Scarf - 1 size fits all Testing & Signup: Please send me a PM here, or a private message to testing@crochetgarden.com. All testing will take place via this email. if you send me an email, please include your Crochetville username so I know who you are :-) ***************************** Pattern Information ***************************** Pattern Description: Hoodie scarf. Pattern Style (written, symbol chart, etc.): written. Skill Level: Intermediate, but if you know how to make a fpdc and bpdc, this will be easy for you. Materials: Worsted weight yarn. (I used Lion brand Amazing). Pom pom maker (optional). ***************************** Tester Information ***************************** Number of Testers Needed: Maybe 2-4. Approximate Time Required to Complete Project: About 2 weeks. Deadline: September 30th. This pattern has been tested, but I am wanting a quick retest before release. Depending on how quickly testers work, it may be released before this date. Tester Experience: None to experiences; no criteria to signup. Tester Responsibilities: This is in the final stage, so I would like to know anything- from the simple (like a typo) to anything like a row not working. Also, anything that may be worded unclearly to you. Any Special Software Requirements: Adobe Reader. Compensation Final PDF file of pattern.
  2. I think this is such a fantastic idea! Thank you so much for putting in the time to do this!
  3. There are released I am not sure I am allowed to say where, but I know you know where to go. If anyone else is wondering, you can send me a PM as I am not sure what the rules are regarding this For those who did complete the testing, you should now have the corrected pattern in your inbox. If you did complete the testing and do not see it in your inbox, please email me or send me a PM and I will resend it Thank you!
  4. Thank you to those who volunteered! We are now full and testing is in progress. Everyone who messaged me should now have a pattern. If anyone did not receive a pattern or is unable to finish testing, please let me know. Thank you!!
  5. Edit: Thank you to those who volunteered! We are now full and testing is in progress. Everyone who messaged me should now have a pattern. If anyone did not receive a pattern or is unable to finish testing, please let me know. Thank you!! I am looking for some testers for some Hair Accessory Organizers. There are a bunch of themes - which I think makes them so fun. These are in the final stage of current testing, and want a last run before release. Hair Accessory Organizers Contact: lisa at crochetgarden dot com or you can message me here. Number Of Testers: 1 for each (maybe 2), first going to those who can begin. You are welcome to test another after the first. Testing Dates: As soon as possible (Please indicate in email when you would be able to begin and how long each day you would be able to work on it). Skill Level: Easy - Intermediate: (1 - Easy; 2 - Intermediate; 3 -Easy, 4- Easy; 5- Intermediate) File Format: PDF Sizes: Smallest is 8 1/2" X 10" and largest is 15" X 12" not including ribbons hanging down. Yarn/ Materials: Caron Simply Soft, Ribbon: various widths/lengths Hook: I, or what is needed to obtain gauge Compensation: Corrected Pattern Thank you!
  6. Hello Finnbar I am Lisa, owner and designer of the Crochet Garden. I am so sorry you have had issues with receiving your patterns! I know how frustrating that can be. I am also concerned that you say you have received no reply. Since it is a business, I have no spam blockers etc. on so that I do not miss a single email. When you get a moment, can you please forward me editor@crochetgarden.com the emails you had sent? I really need to find them, as I am very adamant about having excellent and prompt customer service. Thus, if there is a glitch somewhere, I need to figure it out right away. I would also contact PayPal asap, and explain to them the name on your invoice. That should not be happening at all. Also, I would like to explain how accounts at the Crochet Garden work. When you make an account, the email address that you sign up with is the one that is associated with your account and the password you choose. When you pay with PayPal, there are no changes made to your account. Patterns at the Crochet Garden are stored within your account. This is done for a few reasons... One is for security purposes, email being intercepted, etc. Also, should your computer ever crash or you forget where you saved your pattern, you can log back into your account and download the pattern again. It is also nice, in that one does not have to wait for an email, wondering if it bounced or if it is in the trash/spam folder. Also, this deals with cases where an inbox is not big enough to receive it, or if your email company has restrictions on emails with attachments. You should have been redirected immediately after paying back to the site to download your pattern. Sometimes though a window closed prematurely or something of the like can halt this process. All you need ever need to do is log back into your account, and navigate to your account history. Your patterns will be there waiting for you! When you pay with PayPal, that is independent of your account at the Crochet Garden. The login for the Crochet Garden remains the same, regardless of the email address associated with PayPal, credit cards, etc. I hope this makes some sense. Again I am truly sorry for all of the frustration you have had! I definitely want everyone's experience to be a good one. If you can please PM me your order number or email address so that I can look up your account and make sure everything is as it should be. Anytime you have any questions, feel free to PM me here too If you have any other questions, or if anyone else has any, ask away - as I am always more than happy to answer any questions, provide patterns support, or help in any way that is needed. Lisa P.S. A lot of my family lives in Crystal Lake (I was just there last weekend) and I have a grandmother in Oakwood Hills - so hello neighbor!
  7. Thank you for the sweet comment! Blossomed is such a perfect word for it... It was like a valley of blooms paves way for me here Thank you so much.. I had to mention the ville I feel like calling it "the neighborhood I grew up in," you know what I mean? I remember one of my first designs.. I am sure there is a post here years ago somewhere, and it was a hat for my daughter. I posted it and people said it looked great. Then one lady said there were too many ruffles. A little light bulb went on, and my brain did a little handstand and suddenly, I was able to look at my projects and say "yay" or "nay," just like she had done. I love the ville, and the people here. I need to spend some more time again - I miss it. It is amazing how much of a time zapper running the business is (in a very good way though). I think my mid-new-year's resolution will be to take more time for myself.. Maybe participate in a swap or two, and get myself some crochet-leisure time in the mix. Anyway, thanks again everyone for all the kind words. And just a little note, as mentioned in the article... I will be closing on my first house for me and the kids at end of August (yay)! I even will have a craft room
  8. I have a baby bloomer pattern that is needing a fit-check. (2 styles) Thus, I need those who have access to a baby or tot to try on and that can send me photos so I can see the fit. Please see below to make sure you have materials and check gauge with stash. I would need these completed within a week or two from start date. Bloomers are worked in size 3 thread, and would be Intermediate Level. (Bernat Cool Crochet, Lustersheen, Aunt Lydia’s Size 3 thread, DMC senso, fingering or dbl fingering (depending on gauge), Paton’s grace) are good substitutions, and I am sure there are more. Gauge: 22 sc and 28 rows is 4”. Thus anything you can use to obtain gauge is fine to use, as are colors. Note: Stitch gauge much more important than row gauge since most lengths are done with tape measure. SIZES: NB (0-3 mos, 3-6 mos, 6-9 mos, 9-12 mos, 12-18 mos, 24 mos – 2T) Finished Waist Circumference (waist range to fit) in inches: 15-17.5 (16-18.5, 17-19.5, 17.5-20, 18-20.5, 18.5-21, 19-21.5)” Materials needed: –Size 3 thread (I used a cotton linen blend); 2 colors. Size 3 mos took me 200 yds of MC and maybe 50 yds of CC. –Elastic 1/8” wide 1.5 yds length (sewing thread and needle to sew elastic tog) –Size E or F hook, or whatever is needed to obtain gauge. To begin, I send out 1/2 patt until it is completed. When entire patt is completed, you will receive the entire final version of the bloomer pattern, And also, a $5 gift certificate to the Crochet Garden. I would also ask that you not post photos anywhere until the pattern is released. P lease PM me with your email addy to see a photo and and include when you can start and what size you can do. (I will be going with those who can start sooner rather than later) Please pass this around if you know someone who may be interested. Thank you!!
  9. Welcome I am in Macomb, and will be in Peoria later this month to take my daughter to the pediatric dentist there!
  10. I agree, can happen with any company. An email though would be nice. On the other hand.. has anyone seen they redid the site? I do not see anywhere about the flat rate shipping. Unless I am missing something or going to the wrong place? Am I going batty?
  11. Is Wednesday Professional Dev. Day? Hmm very enticing. Would have to look at the schedule once they post more details.
  12. I am absolutely loving it. I am working on a project with it, and it is very soft, and the stitch definition is akin to thread. I also tested gauges... Using the same stitch, to get same gauge, I had to move 1 hook size (with the bamboo thread, with DMC Traditions). So I am very happy with that, that projects worked with thread, using bamboo and getting gauge should not be too difficult (of course depending on tension and thickness of the size 10 for each individual). I wish they had more colors! Maybe they will come out with more? I keep thinking little tanks for my toddler daughter in the summer, little bamboo sunhats.. Just need more colors
  13. I bought some of this too.. I am thinking it may actually do great for an afghan, but then will only know once completed. But I think it would be great for one of those afghans with no textured stitches, just a plain mindless repetition, and let the coloring do the work. I have not seen the major fuzz factor yet, but then I have not begun working with it quite yet.. Maybe it fuzzes more when working with it?
  14. I can only say, my credit card gets more of a workout than I do That said... if it is not on sale, I can resist easily, because I know it will pretty much always be there (within reason if not discontinued etc). Rarely will I impulse by unless a certain yarn strikes me right there with an idea. But for the most part, I wait for sales and then I go through the roller coaster of ride. Opposite most people, my cart will "begin" full, and then I shop for an hour removing balls until my wallet is happy I guess I am kind of backwards
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