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  1. Dear all, Thanks for all the suggestions and advises. @bgs, may i ask what kind of stitch or technique u used that doesnt require button holes on the scarves that you made?
  2. Hi all, i just completed crocheting a plain tissue box cover... I have also crochet some small decoration pieces for the cover. Instead of sewing it onto the cover, im thinking of attaching the ornaments onto the cover using press studs, so that i can easily change the ornaments out. But im not sure if using press studs is most ideal. Anyone with similar designs please let me know whats your experience with press studs.
  3. Actually, I don't have any particular one in mind. Just thinking of crocheting a colourful blanket without having change yarn colour.
  4. Hi, I'm preparing for my upcoming vacation. Would like to pack light, so I'm thinking of crocheting a blanket that uses those multi-color yarn. any blanket patterns out there that will look nice on these multicolour yarn?
  5. Hellos. Im from Singapore. Im a beginner in crochet-ing
  6. @redrosesdz Thanks for the information and the notice on the forum rules. Will keep that in mind. Really appreciate your effort spent on the detail information. Thanks. Can't wait to get the yarns and start working on it.
  7. Dear experts, I found this pattern online and im thinking of trying, but i cant really find the exact same yarn that is specified. Can i just use any worsted weight yarn? and what type (acrylic/cotton... etc) will you recommend? Last question is what hook size should i use?
  8. Thanks everyone for the advices on amigurumi and also on how to search for patterns for scrap yarn. Sharing pictures of yarns i got. While i google for suitable project do let me know if you have any suggestions Appreciate all the help. happy crocheting.
  9. Dear all, the story is this, previously I was really ambitious on crocheting amigurumi. Therefore I bought a lot of small skeins of yarn of different colour. After trying to crochet a few amigurumi, I always fail at joining and thus the end product doesn't look as expected. So, I gave up on amigurumi but I not giving up on crocheting. Are there any patterns that I can use the yarns for other than amigurumi?
  10. Hi all, just wanna ask... so is it alright to continue crocheting despite the cracking sound from the wrist? I crochet on and off whenever I have free time, and only recently this cracking sound surface... Any idea what causes it? am I crocheting wrongly?
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