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  1. I am crocheting a baby “pixie” hat. The stitches are Row 1 SC, Row 2 FPSC, Repeat sounds easy enough but when I do a row of FPSC I always lose 1 stitch and I don’t understand why. Can you help? Thanks!
  2. I am working on this pattern starting with the hood and working down. I am completely stumped after round 32 (Ch1, 1 SC onto the next 64 stitches, 2 SC into the next stitch). The pattern then says "Turn working up the side of the stitches (the neck of the hood). You will put 3 SC over each side of the next 3 DC, 2 SC over each side of the next 22 HDC. Put 3 SC over each side of the next 3 DC. 1 SC into the starting stitch. Join to first SC (129 stitches)." Could someone please explain this to me. I am very anxious to complete this for my first granddaughter. Thank you Sandra
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