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  1. HI everyone! I'm Elle, I'm new to the group and fairly new to crochet, I learned about 3 years ago. I'm a lefty and had a hard time trying to learn from my Mom as a kid (mostly lack of dedication) and then as an adult I learned to knit with the help of online videos. After knitting for a couple of years I tried my hand at crochet again and it was much easier to learn. I'm a 4rth generation Hoosier, happily married to my BFF and a mom of 4 (half of whom are grown). I have plenty of time to crochet, but I've developed some degenerative arthritis in my neck and so sitting for too long is painful. If anyone else deals with this and has any pain relief tips (other than Ibuprofen and exercise which are my go-to's) I'd love to hear them! Looking forward to meeting new friends!
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