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  1. Hi SammieLily2, thanks for replying. Yes, I came across that link as well, and a few others making similar points. A good read, indeed. I’ve since adjusted my individual tension yet again to approximate a yanker-rider-cross sort of tightness (and, ironically, actually gone UP with the hook size, to 3.25mm) - and wouldn’t you know it: that has fixed it. The pictures show how the gauge is now allllmost perfect (I’ll of course be making a full-sized 11x11” swatch once I have a mini swatch that suggests I’ve got the gauge nailed). Wish I’d tried that before I made all those sw
  2. Hello everyone, I’m stuck with a gauge issue. Working off a pattern in a book (by Interweave) that has no listed errata. I’ve checked with the author of the pattern (via Ravelry), who insists there is no mistake. No confusion between US and UK terms. No misprint, she says. She mentioned one person who even used a larger hook (3mm) and got the right gauge. Here are the details needed for a swatch: YARN: Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine (#1; fingering weight). HOOK: 2.75mm, recommended to adjust hook size up or down to obtain gauge. GAUGE: 23sts x 14.5rws = 10cm in DC worked i
  3. Hi All, I've not had time to post the photos yet but will do so on the weekend! Thanks again for helping!
  4. I was certain I'm working the correct horizontal bar - the same one that is being worked in each of the videos. I'll see if I can take photos of where I'm working the stitches, to make it clear.
  5. Thank you both for replying. Granny Square, working blo in regular crochet fashion doesn't create the spiral shape shown in the image and the videos, unfortunately. I wouldn't call these regular icords, mostly because those are easy to do and this spiral rope/cord is proving quite a challenge! In the videos, the crocheters are working not into either of the top bars (the top V) of any stitch, but into the uppermost of the two horizontal bars down the side of what is technically the WS of the fabric. The horizontal bars slip into the fabric and are partly almost a bit entwined, which make
  6. Hi Granny Square. Thanks for replying. Yes, I'm sure it's crocheted. If you google "crochet spiral rope" you'll find several links, as I said, to videos detailling how to crochet this. The cord isn't hollow because it's filled with the inner side of the stitches of each previous row - you crochet in a spiral around the WS the entire time. I've followed the videos exactly, but I still can't get my work to look the same. That's why I asked. Here are two of the demo videos:
  7. Hello All, I've been struggling to follow the few videos I've found about how to crochet a spiral rope, such as you might use for bag handles or even bracelets/necklaces. Youtube does have a few videos (one in Urdu, one in Italian, a couple in English), but all have issuea with focus and clarity, and none have allowed me to create a spiral cord/rope that looks correct. (See photo.) Does anyone have a video in English on how to crochet this? Or some clear instructions? This is quite maddening. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks so much. Lexi
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