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  1. Red roses I posted thank you twice lol I thought that first one didn't go through.
  2. Renic Thank you for the resources I appreciate good resources and will check them out.
  3. Granny Square Thanks. I just now went and did a search on the yarnspirations for peaches and creme (which is a diff feel than sugar ... more twiney). No results. As for the hat, it was more of an example to elaborate what my dilemma was ... not finding peaches n creme product patterns.
  4. In my search for peaches n creme patterns, the back of the label only has a granny square dishcloth. So i go to Peaches & Creme's website, which automatically redirects to walmart's website with the ball of yarn for sell. I reckon because walmart maybe bought it or some business dealings of that sort. Anyhow, this leaves me without knowing where to find various patterns the normal peachesandcreme .com originally had. I saw a pin on pinterest where someone had linked to peachesandcreme .com for a nice floppy sunhat, but of course the website no longer exists. HELP FROM THE MORE KNOWLEDGABLE IN ALL THIS PLEASE?!
  5. With my first skein of yarn i used for my first time giving it a go at yarn pooling (Peaches & Creme color Yuletide), I find that this yarn does not pool correctly, and yep, my tension is consistent. BECAUSE OF THAT, here is my question: How can I know BEFORE BUYING THE YARN if it will pool correctly?
  6. Granny Square, Also, what is rhe title of your decades old soft covered McCall's book? Never know ...i might come across it somehow.
  7. ReniC, Oh yes! I enjoyenjoy classes and want to take one, but I cannot biget for it now. When I can, then I believe I will! Interactive learning is soooo beneficial. You get extra tips and insights from the instuctor and classmates that would not be gotten otherwise. Oh but i appreciate a good and fitting instructional book too!
  8. Dear Granny Square, Wow! The time and consideration put into your response is a appreciated! I will print this out and keep it for my reference but ALSO as a sentimental reminder if the love, care, and consideration people are to have for eachother. I do like the tops on the pattern link you provided. When that pattern brand goes on sale at local craft shop for a dollar or two, i am going to get it and add to my little collection of purchased patterns that long to be opened and made alive!
  9. I have patterns that can be bought in craft stores. They are the ones that come in a little white paper envelope-like package and have pages of SUPER thin paper and if you are new to it ... it is one big crazy puzzle that you may as well be reading greek and know how to finish a rubic's cube ???? if you have never worked with paper patterns. That's me. I dont know...i don't know. .i dont know. "You don't know what?", you ask. 1. I dont know how to take all these dotted lines and shapes and make them into something irresistable pictured on the front of the envelope. I don't know how to understand the words and sewing nuances understood to common sewists...remember...I dont read Greek! 2. Where does a person even GO to learn to master this beautiful mess? Qualifier...i do make quilt tops and quilt it all together, so i know how to sew in that capacity. Another thing to help you point me in the right and heavenly sewing pattern direction, i like to learn visually then follow up by doing; interactive learning is good for me. Also, i learn well from reading a comprehensive, well-worded, and nicely demonstrated books on the topic being sought out. Thanks yall! I anticipate very helpful, informative, and sage advise, because I just imagine many of you crocheters are sewists too! It's all SEW good!
  10. Nice points. I do enjoy cotton for these projects then recently i wondered how other yarns would work...it was questionable to me, because it seemed cotton was the only realistic option.
  11. >>>>>>>>>>>i mean which yarns other than cotton
  12. I have crocheted dishclothes from Peaches n Creme cotton yarn, and now I am wondering which yarns would and would not be good for the use as a dishcloth. Anyone have experience in it?
  13. Jsilvers ... magiccrochetfan ... granny square Jsilvers - great...thank you! Magiccrochetfan - thank you for asking, but it is for no specific pattern that i ask. I wanted to know for general information as i am learning to read charts. I have come across many patterns with no written instructions. Granny square - thank you for the extra insight
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