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  1. Thank you so much I got eight balls and it's Papatya Batik 554-11.Check their website https://www.woollyandwarmy.com/collections/papatya-batik/products/554-11
  2. Actually it's woolly i mean. Normally this yarn is %100acrylic and thanks
  3. Hello Everyone. I want to talk about my addiction of woollyandwarmy's yarn. I finished my afghans between many things to do. It's common corner to corner blanket. I got the pattern from Youtube.It's so easy. Im also talking about this amazing yarn and company.They are Turkey based and super fast,amazing shipment.No delivery cost for all and you can get the wools in two days wherever you are.I highly recommend this to everybody.Definitely check www.woollyandwarmy.com and get your wools
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