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  1. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm making a doll right now which I want to have loose curls. Various articles says to curl the yarn around something then use glue to keep it in place. Bit hesitant to do that as I would imagine that would leave the "hair" feeling rock hard. I was thinking the best idea would be to split the yarn but not sure if the wisps would stay. What would you say would be the best option? Thank you in advance
  2. Thanks so much for your advice. I'll give it a try tonight. Much appreciated.
  3. Hi there, I don't suppose anyone on here has the book mentioned above? It mentions that you can add a hood to your doll's jacket but I can't find the pattern for the hood anywhere in the book. Am I missing something? If anyone does know where to find it could you please tell me the page number? Thank you!
  4. I'll have another look on Google and try and find the one you're talking about. Thank you
  5. I'm desperate to own this book and even more desperate now that I know there's an Elvis pattern it as well. Thanks so much
  6. Does anyone know where I can find the original pattern for this Elvis doll please?
  7. Thank you for getting back to me, sarisue. Hmm yeah, I understand that part (I think). Just seems everytime I do it the working yarn is on the wrong side of the hook and when I try and carry on with the stitches they look messy. Sorry, again I'm probably not explaining it very well. Could you recommend any good videos that might make it more clear? Most of the videos I've come across are of the one piece being made from the feet up.
  8. Hello, really hoping someone is able to help me. I'm working on an amigurumi piece (shown in picture) where the head, body and legs are all one piece and I seem to be struggling with the legs. The pattern says that I need to stitch 9 then skip 9 in order to start the first leg. This is where I get lost. How do I continue with the leg? I skipped the 9 stitches and went straight to the end of the round using a slip stitch (again, don't know if that's right) but found that the running yarn was on the wrong side of the hook. Can someone enlighten me? Sorry if my explanation is rather confusing. Hope you can decipher my ramblings! Side note: my pattern says to start from the head down.
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