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  1. Thank you so much ! Makes great sense
  2. Good evening, here’s hoping someone can help! I am currently making a cat sweater and the pattern asks me exactly this : ch 2, (dc 3, inc) around, join with sl st. this step is said to take me from 40 stitches around to 50. I believe I am understanding it incorrectly - does this mean to double crochet in the same stitch 3 times to increase ? I feel like this will take me well beyond the 50 stitch total ! any help is appreciated !!!!
  3. Hello, I am working on a slouchy hat pattern and have the rim done but cannot understand the following step: sc 3 across 3 stitches, sc 2 in the next, repeat (45 sts) I thought I was to sc 3 times into 3 stitches (making 9) however this makes too many stitches around. Can anyone shed light on this step for me Thanks!
  4. Thank you all so much! What a life saver this help is, I have a much better understanding of what to do!
  5. Hi! I a beginner crocheter and have completed a few amigurimi dolls for my daughter. I am now making my first large project a mermaid tail blanket, essentially her legs slide into the blanket. I ordered this pattern from etsy and am confused. Here is the instruction I am confused about Row 1: ch 21 , sc in 2nd ch and in each across. (this I did) Rotate your work and continue to sc down the other side of the ch (did this). Join with a sl st. I am not sure where to join with a slip stitch?? Because the pattern then says (the tail pattern is worked in a round, just keep going at the end of each row, but do mark the first stitch of each row with a marker because later on youll need to count some stitches for the increase and change the stitch) This is throwing me, do I slip stitch the left and right ends to Crochet in the round when she just said to keep going at the end of each row? I have no idea where to slip stich The following instruction if this helpe is : row 2-16 : hdc across (40 hdc) Any help at all is very appreaciated!
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