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    crochet, reading, playing with my kids, education, learning new things, creating graphgans
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    Homemaker, Educator
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    Not only is there always something new to learn, but no matter how good you are there is always room for improvement, not to mention the final products!!!
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    Since Jan 2016
  1. Help Please!!!! Someone suggested I should use FPHDC when the chain is "in front" of the anchor and BPHDC when the chain is "behind" the anchor. Leaving the anchor at the same depth as the letters and background, but use a different stitch to add "texture". First, what stitch would you suggest for the anchor? Second, what are your thoughts on this idea?
  2. Quick question? ? Since you've all seen my afghan design, I'd like your input;). I'm going to keep the blue background and the red letters the same stitch HDC, but was thinking about using a different stitch to make the white anchor and the yellow chain stand out more. I was thinking the FHDC for the yellow chain but don't know what to use for the anchor unless I use the same as the chain. What are your thoughts and suggestions?
  3. My younger kids said I was CRAZY for attempting to make this graphgan because I had never crochet and I had never done anything requiring changing colors, but I have done counted cross stitch and needlepoint as well as rainbow loom and murals made with rubber bands. I consider myself relatively crafty but never EVER dreamed I'd be doing anything like this!!! I am having fun but due to being a perfectionist, have frogged it 7-8 times even after doing 50 rows!!! I have learned a lot while doing it. I need a SC to turn not a DC for my HDC and Sometimes I need to just let it go if and when I find a mistake;), which is not easy for me to do!!!
  4. Thank you for the support and advice. I will definitely keep them in mind;)! There's a couple places that I have 2 extra stitches in the width and it sticks out, too far, I think for a sc and that's why I was going to do a double first before any border. I will most definitely post a picture of it closer to finished to confirm thoughts on a border and opinions on stitch changes for chain. I'm still so very unsure of my skills and ability since I know so few stitches, but am very flattered you both feel that I'm doing well for a first attempt at a graphgan and changing colors etc... Thank you! Yes, the 3 weeks did go by fast!
  5. I am new to crocheting. I have only been crocheting since January of this year (2016). I started crocheting as a way to keep my mind active and off my oldest being gone and in the Navy and not being home during the day to do things together or on the rare night off, a girls night out! You see, in boot camp, they can't write home for 3 weeks!!! My first project was a baby blanket in c2c to learn stitches and then in March, I jumped into designing and starting this graphgan in April. It is 180 stitches wide and 270 tall. I am using HDC for the red letters and for the blanket in general. I rounded the anchor to "set it off" from the rest of the blanket, and will do the yellow/gold in front post stitch to "set it off" as well. For the border I'm thinking will be double crochet all the way around, in navy, and then I will crochet 2 strands of the gold together and weave them through the double crocheted navy every 2 stitches, maybe even add a single stitch of gold around the double crocheted navy. The first picture is the graphgan patter I designed myself for my daughter. I wanted something original and one of a kind to commemorate her joining the Navy and following her dreams. So I came up with that design. The second picture is my progress thus far after frogging it 5 times after 40 rows to try and get a straighter edge, which I figured out after was because I needed to chain 1 and turn, not chain 2 and turn like most videos and patterns say to do with a half double stitch, and after she decided she wanted the anchor a little more rounded to "set it off" more from the name which is block letters. I will attempt to do the small amount of gold in a front post stitch to set the chain off just a bit as there's not much gold. The reason for the colors in the graphgan is: the flag is red, white and blue and the navy colors are navy and gold. Since I am new to this I figured I'd post and show to see what everyone thought. Near the top of the letter "E" is where I changed to chain 1 turn and continue rather than the chain 2 turn and continue like the videos and everything I read about HDC said to do. I switched because it was "fanning" out and I needed to get it back into shape. Since that worked, I've stayed doing it.
  6. I am wanting to take the picture on the graph paper which is 25 wide by 36 long and make it into a large lap throw say maybe 5'x7'. I can't get any of the program suggested to work and would really like to get this project started as I've never done anything that requires changing colors or had letters on it!! As a matter of fact, just this year I made a sock monkey and booties to go with a corner to corner blanket I made for a friend. Those are the most difficult items I've ever made. Prior to those it was only single, double and treble stitch items. If someone could make the graph and post it here so I can try and save it then print it, I would be immensely appreciative!!! The blanket/ throw will be for my daughter who is going through Boot Camp and graduates on March 11! I'd love to have a good portion done by then if not all of it! If not by then, then for sure by mid June when she graduates from her "A" school! I plan on using a K hook and I want to use the same colors, except maybe a gold color for the anchor instead of yellow. Stitch I am unsure of at this time. I am debating between the single crochet and half double crochet. Any help would be appreciated immensely! I will post pictures as I go along.
  7. Help Please ASAP!!! I need help converting a rubber band project I did for my Navy Daughter into a crochet pattern from a photo or graph paper. On the graph paper it is 25 stitches wide and 36 high. I am using a size K crochet hook and need the finished product to be a large lap throw or a Twin Bed.
  8. My name is Sarah and I am a mom to 4 ranging in age from 9-22. It's been many years since I've crocheted and I used to do basic crochet but now that I am older, I have been trying to teach myself new things as I believe that in life we should never stop learning.
  9. My name is Sarah and I am a mom to 4 ranging in age from 9-22. It's been many years since I've crocheted and I used to do basic crochet but now that I am older, I have been trying to teach myself new things as I believe that in life we should never stop learning.
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