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    Frankfort KY
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    Crocheting, crafting in general, playing with my dogs, spending weekends with my finacee!
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    IT Technician
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    Wearables, toys
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    I started when I was 7 years old!!
  1. I would love to do this!! They are my favorite books and I just love the TV show!!! Wish they still made shows like this!! Anyway, I think I am going to make a sontag. http://www.csa-scla.org/articles/Sontag.htm Here is a link that has some good drawings etc of little girls' clothing around that time. http://www.fashion-era.com/Childrens_clothes/1860_1870_girls_costume_pictures.htm
  2. Live in Frankfort but I'm from Pulaski Co and went to school in Madison Co and Laurel Co
  3. Hi!! I lost the pm you sent me!! Please email me back!!!
  4. Do you mind pm'ing me your email address and I will add you to the listserv we created.
  5. ***!! Thank you so much!! :cheer:cheer I was trying to figure out what to make my grandmother for Christmas (she has alzheimers and is in a nursing home ) she loves seahorses and she has a picture of her and my granddad when they were courting standing in front of a seahorse mural!! I am going to make some seahorses in bright colors and put them in a frame for her!!! This seahorse is so cute!! :clapI wish I could find this exact pattern!!!
  6. I'm trying to decide if I want this on my wish list for Christmas or not. i mainly like to crochet bags and wearables and really like trendy stuff. Would I like this calender?? I haven't seen one and will have to order it online!
  7. Very cute!! I have huge wide feet too!! I wear an 11 and it is basically impossible to find cute shoes!
  8. Hi!! Where are you in Ky?? I'm in Frankfort!!
  9. Awww he is even cuter than the original!!!
  10. Hello from your neighbor to the north in Kentucky!!
  11. My cat Donald Trump (he died a couple of years ago ) He loved the warm dryer. Once he actually climbed into the dryerr when I opened the door to grab something out, and I didn't know it!! I turned the dryer on and heard him yewol. So he didn't get hurt but he avoided the dryer after that!!!
  12. Hello from Kentucky!! Its cold here too!! Good crocheting weather!!!!!!!!! :cheer:cheer:cheer:cheer:cheer
  13. Welcome from Kentucky!!:clap:clap:clap:clap
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