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  1. Thank you Granny Square. After a few attempts I have got there lol. Head of Polar Bear done, tomorrow the body. Am I allowed to post photos of finished article. It will be the most odd shaped polar bear right enough
  2. Thank you Sharon. This has been my first pattern I have just crocheted squares etc in the past so I am getting used to terminology. I wasn't aware that there was differences in country styles. I thought it was a universal language lol
  3. Hi folks. I am crocheting my second animal, a polar bear from Edwards Menagerie. The pattern states Dc10, (dc2, dc2 tog) does this mean I am double crochet 12 then 2 together? I know that this question was asked before in the forum by some one else but I cannot find the answer. Thank you in advance.
  4. Thank you ladies. Not only am I new to crochet but new to forums also.....this is my first. Loving all your wee emojis and avatars. Will need to get myself sorted. BTW I am from Scotland
  5. Hello from me too, I am a newbie also and I hail from Bonnie Scotland
  6. My name is Angela. I am new to crochet but have already used you to help me with a project. Look forward to "meeting" you all and learning from you.
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