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    so far just blankets! Hope to expand!
  1. Francie

    Pattern help

    Makes sense now that you explained it!! The slant is the reason-- i will stop thinking it's my inexperience that makes my blankets not fold perfectly!!
  2. Francie

    Crochetville Community Policies

    I cheerfully agree!
  3. Francie

    About Crochetville

    Hi I am new also, I have a lot to re-learn (have been away from crochet for about 17years..) WIll have lots of questions for the seasoned veteran crocheters!
  4. Francie

    HI! I am new!

    HI My name is Francie, learned to crochet 20 years ago, my mother in law taught me....Then had four kids and didn't crochet again till now....So its 17 years later and am re-teaching myself the basics with a Crochet book from the library. Glad to join this site, I am sure the seasoned veteran crocheters can help someone new like me. Thanks so much. God bless !!!!!!!!!!!!!!