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  1. I love your Strawberry Baby. Adorable looking baby. Haha!
  2. Hello! I'm Yu Chi. I am from Taiwan, 23 years old. I will be flying to Australia, Brisbane in March 2016 and living there on a working holiday visa. I would be very happy to meet new friends. But I wouldn't mind making new friends from outside of Australia, too! I love editing/colouring videos accompanied by some lovely ambient music and immersed in my own little world at a quiet night, blog designing, photography and seeing movies as I am free and more hobbies...etc On a side notes, I have been helping my mother's hand-knitting business. She enjoy knitting outfits, hats, gown, or skirts...etc for barbie's. After, I created http://pinkishmomcraftyhouse.jimdo.com/ in order to have people to buy or appreciate it. I could spend whole day designing the website. Those are some examples of her works below... I am very interested in making new friends. I am a shy person with an optimistic & curious mind AND I am not a friend collector. I simply interested in meaningful conversation. Hopefully I could make some friends here.
  3. Hi! Everyone. My mother hand-knitted may types of outfits for barbie's body size. She wants to stick to wool or yarn related materials for her designs. She hopes to have her own style and differentiate than the normal barbie's fabric material. What do you think of them? I really want to hear more feedback.
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