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    everything but mostly animals,dolls etc
  1. autumnweaves

    New Youtube channel

    A new tutorial is up to show you how to make cute lip balm cosie, they almost look like easter eggs, and would make great alternative gifts to chocolate
  2. autumnweaves

    Hi I'M SRO-Austin

    HI from the United Kingdom
  3. autumnweaves

    Girl and Boy Bunnies The Amis

    best not show these to my little girl, otherwise it will be another projects she begging me to make her they are so cute,
  4. autumnweaves

    My dolls

    wow, they are lovely, your very talented!
  5. autumnweaves

    New Youtube channel

    Hi guys, I launched my youtube channel on sunday, it has one tutorial for a very easy place-mat on it. but im working on others If you would like to please check it out! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAVbzC-cwQ7HgJe1s5yLABw
  6. autumnweaves


    hehe thanks for the warm welcome, the gulf coast of Florida, nice my sister lives in Tampa, FL. Right now I am wishing to be there, the weather in Britain is Cold!!!! BRRRRRR...
  7. autumnweaves


    Hello, my name is Autumn (aka Lyssa) I live in the UK, about 25 miles away from London, I have been crocheting for about 3 years off and on. I recently launched my youtube channel with a tutorial for crochet placemats. i have 3 main aims this year, A) crochet a shawl ( I have yet to be brave enough) B) to finish my stylecraft Lillypond blanket and C) to master crocodile stitch