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  1. Did a quick search as I've been known to have this problem too, and it led to a different thread on this site asking about general trouble with gauge. magiccrochetfan had posted a link to a blog article discussing why this may be; here's an (updated) link to it for your perusal: https://dorischancrochet.com/2009/01/05/confessions-of-a-lifter/ It was a nice, quick read and may help you understand why this just isn't working. It seems that you may also be a lifter when it comes to crochet (I believe I am too when working with taller stitches); that would explain why each hook you've tried h
  2. Hey all, I've recently found this pattern for an amigurumi Dragon by Crafty Intentions on Ravelry and am slowly working my way through it. It's been a while since I've done some crocheting because college gets me busy, but I haven't been having any issues with this pattern until I started on the body. To be more precise, the tail. This pattern is worked in multiple sections; I've finished the head and I'm currently on the body. This is what the beginning section of this pattern says to do, but it always puffs out a bit around row 3-4 and then tightens up when I start making the small incr
  3. Hey all, it's been a while! I've started crocheting a ton again recently, since my life has slowed down again. I've been working on this pattern for a long time; I had originally wanted to make it into a sweater. Since I returned to it, I've ripped it once more and have settled for making a blanket out of it. So, tapestry crochet. That's how I'm making this blanket, and I've got my pattern all done and everything. I was wondering, who else has done tapestry crochet? Do you have any tips? What's the best way to do it (alternating hands so the work is always facing front, turning after e
  4. Weird... the Youtube video and the pattern both say a 5mm hook. I'm not allowed to even post a portion of the pattern as an image, am I? I know the rule is that I can't post an image of the entire pattern or the PDF of the pattern itself. The pattern even says in larger, bolded and underlined words, "size 5mm hook (US H8)" during that section, which is just the foundation chain. The only gauge type thing that it says is that, when working one of the panels, after a few rows to check the sizing to make sure it's correct for the size of sweater you're making. So no, it doesn't give a tra
  5. It looks like most of my questions/posts are about this darn sweater pattern I bought, haha. Anyway, I decided to try out the pattern as written, just to see how it would look in person, but part of it is confusing me. It says to chain x number of stitches using an H or 5mm hook, but then switch to a K or 6.5mm hook for the rest of the panel. This causes the crochet to curve... not horizontally, but vertically. Why would you want to do this? Here is a link to the Etsy page, in case anyone else has purchased this pattern or wants to take a peek at the .
  6. I was doing more work with it and noticed that my tugging isn't as bad as I remember it being -- I remember it being a lot worse than it actually is. I do try to, with the different strands, but something I've noticed with Red Heart is that the black/white yarns tend to be just a smidgen thicker than the colored yarns... maybe I'm crazy, I don't know. But yeah, I think it's that I made some of the graphing tighter than it should. At least I know I won't do that for the rest of it now -- I think the bottom would have been pulled together anyhow in the end, since I'll be adding a bottom
  7. So that crochet sweater I was working on... I've adjusted the pattern so I'm doing SC only [as the original pattern does a 3 SC rows - 1 DC row repeating pattern] so I can use it for graph crochet! However, I've finished the bottom section of graphing [it's all letters] and I'm noticing now that it's puckering slightly. I'm not too fond of having to go back and redo all the lettering. The puckering isn't terrible but at the moment it's noticeable. I'm at row 12 of 78. Will it straighten out when I get to the last rows? I'm not too worried about it as it's supposed to be a larger sweate
  8. Alright, thank you! I think I'll try to use FSC, but if worse comes to worse I'll just use the other method.
  9. Hey, another young crocheter! Hello there, hope you have a good time! Good luck on your afghan
  10. So I'm working on a pullover sweatshirt pattern I plan to alter a bit so I can use it to make a graph sweatshirt, and I started by making a quick swatch of the pattern so I can do the stitch adjustments needed. However [and I've noticed this many times before], it starts with a chain and then single crochet row. These stitches tend to be tight compared to the rest of the piece being worked. Do I need to do a foundation SC stitch, should I work the foundation chain with a bigger hook, or what? I've always been confused on the subject and figured I should finally ask.
  11. Thank you to both of you! You've been a really great help -- I think I'll be able to work with these and finally figure out what I'm looking for. Although, if I was just going to follow a pattern with minor alterations, the Amber one is probably the closest to what I'm thinking of.
  12. Hello there! I've got an idea for a sweater in mind, but as I've no experience in writing patterns, I was hoping someone could help me find what I'm looking for. In my head, it's a mesh sweater to keep it a bit lighter. The mesh I'm thinking of looks like the mesh in this pattern but the sweater is closer in design to this one. I'm thinking the neck would be open/not have the ribbing, but the bottom and the sleeves would. Is there anything out there similar, or can someone point me to a basic pullover guide so I could possibly try my hand at making it? I'll upload a picture of what
  13. Thank you guys so much! Now that I'm home and have a little more time, I started looking around at the links you gave and the pattern a little more. The mesh pattern is basically what I was hoping for -- but after thinking about it, a wider neck wouldn't look bad. I'm thinking doing the SC ribbing [with a hook a size or two larger than used for the rest of the sweater, to make it a little looser] on the sleeves and the bottom would be nice. I didn't want anything with a loose bottom, and I was hoping to make it a little longer anyway. If the sleeves look decent as well, that's just an added bo
  14. I was thinking of adjusting the pattern a little anyway, since I'm not really a fan of the rectangle opening. I just wasn't really able to find a pattern similar that I actually liked. [i didn't mention that in the OP since I was running pretty short on time.] Maybe I'll pop over into the "Seeking Patterns" subforum and ask around there as well, to see if there's a different pattern that I'll like better. I can see in my head what I want, but finding an appropriate pattern is difficult. Would doing a SC ribbing double the length I want it, and then folding it over to give it that round
  15. I'm looking to make myself a sweater, and I've finally found a pattern that suits what I want... for the most part. I'd like to change the sleeve ends, neck line and possibly bottom rim to look and feel more like this (http://m.beautifulhalo.com/long-sleeve-multi-color-dot-round-neck-sweater-p-238369.html?track=tb12132). I'm looking at the Lion Brand pattern "Easy Mesh Pullover" (http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/L50146.html). I was thinking it would just be single crochet ribbing, but that really only works for the sleeves. (Edits are me adding in the URLs since I'm on mobile.)
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