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  1. Hello all! I've been working on a tunic for several weeks now but keep running into difficulties with the pattern. The pattern has a side pattern motif made of a crochet round, outlined by yarn strips using a hairpin lace loom. There are some additional rows of crochet, and then a hairpin lace band. My first issue has been with the first set of strips. This is my first time using a hairpin lace loom, so perhaps I should have made these loops smaller (I made them four inches on an adjustable loom). Also, the pattern calls for making 136 loops for a size 6. In trying to adjust the sizing for myself, I made 182 in order to make the motif large enough for a size 14-16. However, now that I'm ready to join these two pieces together, I realize that there are about double the number of chain spaces on the hairpin lace band as there are on the circle piece. I'm not sure how to go about joining without making the band pucker. Should I redo the entire crochet circle with more stitches throughout? If so, how should I adjust this from an initial chain 6 to start out? Any help is very appreciated! I don't want to scrap this whole project.
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