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  1. Pm me your email addy...I designed a top last year that I'm willing to send you the pattern. Word to the wise, though, it will need to be lined if you want ti wear it in public.
  2. I will start a CAL thread in the CAL forum here, and if you're on Ravelry, I'll also start a new group there. Btw, does anyone have any suggestions what to name my new shawl, knowing what information I've given you? I'm wracking my brain trying to come up with something, but very little comes to mind...
  3. Use whatever you have onhand...It's a great thread stashbuster. The motifs are basically leaves and flowers, so take this info and run with it in regards to your stash. Leaves aren't just green...I've seen snapdragons with a deep pink color on their leaves, as well as geraniums and begonias. What we call in our area as "Dusty Millers" (I have no idea as to any other name for them...all I know is that the leaves themselves are green, but there is a pretty white fuzz all over them that makes them look "dusty", or even frosted) that are whitish. Autumn leaves are a myriad of colors, so take that as you will. And we all know that flowers are many, many different colors! This is even a great project to use up any ombres (variations of shading in a single color) you may have, or certain variegates for the flowers. The only downside is that I am uncertain as to yardage as of yet.
  4. This would be a great project for learning to do the Bruges lace--it's a tape lace made with dcs (American terminology) and chains. For curves, scs and hdcs are thrown in. It's all rather simple, really.
  5. Heehee...Heidi, the tapes aren't that challenging, so please don't be disappointed if I don't do those cool loop-de-loop things I've seen in Magic Crochet!
  6. I'd say it may be easy enough for an advanced beginner who would like to hone his/her skills while learning something new, yet perhaps challenging enough that a more experienced crocheter would have a good time with it.
  7. I'm working on designing a new shawl for warmer weather using Irish lace motifs and Brugges lace in a Faroese shawl shape. It is being made in size 10 thread, using a Boye E hook for the motifs and a No. 7 Bates steel hook for the Brugges lace. This spring, I hope to start a CAL on my blog for this shawl, which the pattern will be provided free-of-charge. So far, I'm working with 3 balls of thread, in three different colors (one for each of the 2 types of motifs and one for the Brugges tapes). I aim to have the shawl completed by March 1 to post pics on my blog, and I will also have the pattern available by then. I'm not saying this is definite, but would anyone be interested in doing a CAL, where I'll be available for any questions, suggestions, and comments?
  8. If you want to feel a little more warmer in Ravelry, there are two groups I'd like to recommend that you check out. For one, Amy S. has a Crochetville group there, and there's also (one of my favorites!) Crochet Liberation Front. The folks there are very welcoming, and are more than willing to help, just like here on the 'Ville. That aside, I tend to use Ravelry more for potential projects, networking with other designers, and stuff like that. kind of what I do here (though lately, i've done more lurking than anything else here).
  9. I used a piece of waxed linen "rat tail" that I had. I used two slip knots on either end (kind of like what kids would use for bracelets) and it works just fine. it's stronger than silky ribbon and thread, and it won't cut into the neck like a chain would with the heavy pendant. i wear mine all the time, and love it!
  10. How about the Seraphina? (http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=74666) It would be lovely with Paton's Lacette. Or the Crochet Dude's Crochet Lacy Shawl ? The bamboo recommended would be delicious! I think in this case, a stole would be appropriate. How about the Serendipity? That would be a very quick work, especially using a fingering weight yarn, like Paton's Brilliant in a color to match the beadwork, or perhaps something to complement the dress if the beads are black.
  11. i'm probably going to stick to myself and perhaps a couple other folks doing the filming. That way, there will be some form of consistency in video quality and clarity of instruction. The Guest Professors will probably do their own, and if I find videos that do very well on their own in instructing certain things, I'll attempt to obtain permission from the content owner to post a link to it.
  12. That's part of the idea. I'm a lefty that crochets right-handed, so I'm going to need help getting the left-handed stuff. I don't think that's going to be a problem, though.
  13. Darski, You know how when someone learns to crochet, they learn by steps, such as how to hold the hook and yarn, how to chain, how to sc? well, holding is level 100, chaining is 101, sc is 102, and so forth. It's just a play on the whole college theme. Have you visited knittinghelp.com? The gal there has it set up to where if you want to learn a certain stitch, or about a certain technique, you can look it up to find it and watch the very short (and i mean, seconds long) video online. Only a newbie should watch the videos in order, and those of us with more experience can look up whatever we want in whatever order as a refresher or to learn something new. And no, pics of the final projects are not necessary. Clear as mud?
  14. Alrighty, folks!! It’s about high time we have our own site for learning crochet through video besides weeding through YouTube. Anyone else agree? This has been nagging at me for a good long while, so I finally decided to do something about it. As a gmail participant, I am able to develop my own sites through Google for free. Granted, it won’t be the absolute best, but at least it will be a start for now. I already have a template started, etc. So, now I need input from all of you who are willing to share your ideas with me… I’m calling the site Crochet College (yeah, yeah, I know…pretty cheesy, eh? Please bear with me). Each different stitch or technique will have its own page, like the Basics, or Crochet 100 (how to hold the hook and yarn, including the 2 different grips, for each hand), through 105 (double crochet. The sl st, ch, sc, and hdc will each have their own 100-level number). After the 100s, there will be the different technical classes, such as the 200-level classes, like Crocheting-in-the-Round, Joining motifs, Reading Patterns, etc. 300-level courses will be things like Shaping, Cluster Stitches, Advanced Pattern Stitches, Post Stitches, and the like. 400-level courses might be Classes on Basic Design, with Guest “Professors” (I’m a designer myself, but I’m still such a newbie at it that I don’t think I could teach much about it at the stage where i am). There will also be Electives, such as Tunisian (also available in different levels, each level only attainable after the appropriate corresponding level course in the main Core Classes). 500-level courses will be for those who wish to teach others how to crochet, as well. One does not have to go in order to be able to “take” any of the Classes; however, it would be recommended for a beginner, or Freshman, if you will. There will also be no grading, no charge, and no testing!! Woohoo!! To be fair to those wonderful folks who are teachers here on the 'Ville, I will also add linkies for "Field Trips" for when their classes start here, making known the dates available, and any costs, etc. So, does anyone have any ideas for specific ‘Classes’ they’d like to see on the site? any suggestions? If you’ve come this far in reading my post, I humbly thank you.
  15. ::rolls eyes:: What a moron. ::shakes head:: This is what I would have done: I'd have faked it the best I could, and put on the saddest and most depressed face ever and said, "B-b-but, this is the scarf my grammie made me before--before--and she--she--she passed away not too long ago!!" And I'd have started the wailing. Then I'd have taken off. Though, I'd have loved to have seen the look on her face. Anywho...
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