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    New York
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    Crocheting, hiking, camping, and crafts
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    Since I was about 10 years old just can't read patterns.
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  1. Anyone near bitteroot mt?
  2. BeckeyAnn

    any crocheters in montana?

    My husband and I moved to bitteroot 2 yes ago. Anyone else close by?
  3. Hello, I'm looking to see if anyone knows a crochet group in the Bitterroot area of Montana.
  4. BeckeyAnn

    Hello from upstate New York

    Yes I did know that but I still have lots of trouble reading and following the patterns.
  5. BeckeyAnn

    Hello from upstate New York

    Thank you for the welcomes. I'm excited to be here!!!
  6. I am new to crocheting and trying to learn to read patterns.