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    I have 3 children ages 34,24,20
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    crocheting, counted cross stitch, cats and horses
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  1. niqita

    Hello from southern MN

    hi from south Wisc. hope you love this site as much as I do
  2. Just a update on my mom's afghan Iam still plugging away at putting it all together for her. Mom will be starting some new trial chemo that has not yet been fda approved. The tumor in her pancrease has remained unchanged which is good but the spots on her lungs have grown so know they are focusing on those. Boy this is alot for a family to go through some days she wants to eat others she don't or she wants something and she wants it like now or the urge for that food has passed. She has to have the stint fixed again as she has started to turn yellow again so billirubin is up to 7 again. Will continue to keep updates and hopefully the ghan will be all put together soon! Brenda
  3. niqita


    and from Minnesota
  4. she is but they are holding off on anymore chemo till April 20th I hope the cancer doesn't have time to spread during that time! Now my younger sister has moved back home to help out to but just found out she (sister) will be needing a total hip replacement she is only 41. I tell you when it rain it pors first my knees that have to have surgery on in the next 40 days my mom'schemo and my sister's hip! What next never mind I don't even want to think about what could be next just take one day at a time!
  5. Mom is okay after A few chemo treatments the fluids started to build up in her lungs and had to be rushed back to Mayo and a tube stuck in her side to re inflate the lung it was scary as I was in North Dakota at the time and not home. The ghan is getting put together as I type I will get pics soon as I plan on having it done by Easter.:hug:hugI'd like to thank all who helped out again I keep saying thatnks but I just don't seem to think it is enough. Brenda
  6. niqita

    I Told the Mail Lady About Crochetville :-D

    R random A acts O of K kindness
  7. niqita

    New from MN

    and from MN Where abouts are you in Mn? Iam in the south eastern corner.
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    Iam niqita on Twitter don't go there very often forgot my password (again) !
  9. niqita

    AmyS on CGOA Board of Directors

    :yay congrats Amy
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    Hello - intro

    and from Minnesota
  11. No more squares please! I'd like to thank everyone who helped me out Iam now going to figure away to arrange and put it all together and will post pics when completed. THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE LOVE YOU ALL! :HUG :HUG
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    Hi from Memphis

    and from Minnesota
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    and from Minnesota
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    Hello from Michigan

    from Minnesota
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    Long distantance newbie!

    Hi and from The United states in Minnesota