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    Dabble in lots of arts and crafts. Degree is Visual Arts with a concentration in studio arts. Used to sew for renaissance faires. Make amigurumi animals, clothes for my Asian ball-jointed dolls and hats/scarves for many sizes of dolls. Make baby hats for hospitals through office knit/crochet group. Finally crocheted first adult human hat; immediately made another. Both are mine, but hope to start making hats for others soon.
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    Allergy Hell, TX
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    Ball-Jointed dolls, crochet, anime/manga, writing, reading
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    higher education
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    Ball-Jointed Doll clothing, hats for everyone
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    over two decades

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  1. Very cute dress for a cute girl? How tall is she? I crochet for my dolls, too!
  2. Cute work! Nice that you have a 1/6th Obitsu so any Barbie clothes will work for her. She is a 27cm girl, right?
  3. Hi, everyone! Just signed up and jumping in feet first. I have been crocheting for over two decades. I took classes to learn then moved immediately into thread crochet. I collect Asian Ball-Jointed dolls and I use my crochet to make clothes for both my odd-sized dolls and typical sizes. I like crocheting amigurumi for fun. I crochet baby hats for my work's knit group, who sends them to the local hospital. I recently started crocheting hats for myself and friends. Our crochet shop on Facebook has been on hiatus for a few years because my partner and I have been dealing with health issues that steal our energy so we do not have time or inclination to do shows. Looking forward to being here!
  4. Hello, fellow Texan! I just signed up here, too!
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