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  1. On the sofa for sure!!! No blanket because if I cover up with a blanket my dog will want to be on it. He has this thing about laying on blankets.
  2. Thank you so much. Will be digging in after work. Counting down till hook and yarn are in hands!!
  3. I will be starting for the 3rd time tonight. No hole this time but very distinct line as where the rounds are joined and wicked unhappy about it. Happy with my actual stitches and how it is going besides that, so that is something but needs to be better.
  4. No says 11 DC because chain of 3 counts as one DC And yes each round is slip stitched. But maybe not right. Idk lol
  5. Oh thank you! Will try that. Started over. Slip stitching in two more stitches. Wil try that!
  6. First time crocheting in the round. And I have a hole . Is it a skipped stitch? Getting ready to start again so trying to figure out what I did wrong so I don't do it again. Lol
  7. I can't wait to get to Hobby Lobby. Going to try to get there this weekend.
  8. I plan on trying both of those brands. :-)
  9. I like the stiffness for dishes but for sure want to find something much softer for baby washcloths. If you ever figure out a way to soften before you crochet, let us know :-)
  10. Thanks for the links and info! Really appreciate it.
  11. I like the way SNC feels for dishcloths but I am looking for softer for baby washcloths. I will have to check out Bernat Handicrafter and Premiers
  12. Well I know nothing about the old PNC to compare it to the new lol my first experience with yarn was about two weeks ago lol
  13. I couldn't pass them up. All of them in the roll up holder for $7. Thank you for the link. After more coffee will read over it. I love learning about hooks, yarn and everything I can. I'm constantly on the look out now at our store for crochet items lol Snagged up a 1947 pattern book which is awesome. I have a few jars of crochet thread I got from work too but for decoration. Very pretty, very colorful. They aren't vintage or anything but so pretty. They are with my jars of vintage buttons. Lol
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