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  • Birthday 01/12/1967

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    Cintia Pollock
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    Head yarn spinner at silver cloud fibers and top sheep herder feeder ect at home.. fun time I crochet from the yarns i spin from my sheep to make things i use everyday : )
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    extreem Northern California
  • Hobbies
    anything crochet crafty ect
  • Occupation
    sheep herder/farmer and herb,flower seed seller
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  • Favorite projects
    slippers, bags, blankets and skirts
  • Crocheting since...
    since I was 9 years old
  1. oh Hey how do i post a pic it says i dont have permision : (
  2. Hello Not a big talker but I love to crochet have ever since my great Aunt taught me at 9 yrs old. I was in love with all her awesome potholders, slippers and fancy bed jackets she made to wear while reading in bed : ) Hope to learn on here how to make items i did not even realized i needed yet lol I am always amazed at the creativity of the necessity crocheters who are always making new items, and finding ways to use crochet in modern times ! Love anything a little bit hippy to elegant and as luck has it crochet can do it all : ) Happy to find Crochetville and look forward to starting th
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