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    Mom of 4, love to crochet but never have time anymore, need ideas for something other than ghans!
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    SAHM taking care of 4 kids, laundry, cooking, cleaning, shopping, carpooling, etc.
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    afghans, granny squares, bags/purses, scarves, hot pads
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    Since I was about 7 or 8 - 1972ish?
  1. Wow Krystal....It is absolutely gorgeous. Can you just feel the good thoughts and karma permeating your house right now? So many prayers and good thoughts and good wishes were included in those squares as they were being made. I am so sure Jess will feel them all as well. PA - SO SORRY your stuff is MIA! That totally vacuums! (what my teenagers say instead of saying that somethings s*cks...I hate it when they say that and banned the phrase from my house!)...anyway, they have to turn up at some point...I'll cross my fingers as well along with everyone else.
  2. Krystal, My squares went out this morning. The guy at the post office said they should be there by Wednesday. Keep us posted on the progress and be sure and post pictures of the finished product. I hope this brings a small amount of comfort to Jessie and her girls. I prayed over each square as I was making it...that they would truly be comforted by this gifts from all of our hearts. Becky
  3. Jeannie, Actually, the one with the turquoise flower is a pattern designed by Krystal that I have been needing to get to her for her charity afghan project. It is a beautiful pattern and fun to make. I think she talks about it on her blog at http://www.krochetkrystal.blogspot.com The off-white one is for Jessie's ghan and the two purple ones are for her daughters.
  4. Here are squares I made that I will be mailing to you tomorrow Krystal...this is my first adventure with trying to post a photo. Let's see if it works! The purple ones don't show up very well on the green towel...but I think they turned out well. I have them blocking and they should be ready to go!
  5. Just finished my square for Jessie's ghan. If I could find the camera, I would post a pic...but no such luck. It is this square http://members.aol.com/lffunt/circlefriends.htm done completely in off-white...which ended up showing the textures very well. I will try to get something together for the girls tonight once my little ones are down. Everything will be in the mail to you on Monday morning Krystal. Thanks again for organizing this. Becky
  6. Krystal, Please include me as well. I am putting aside my current WIP and going to hit the stash and find some appropriate colors and make up some squares today. I will try to get them into the mail Monday. This is such tragic news and really hits home to those of us who are SAHMs with small kids. Life is so precious. Thank you for doing this on behalf of the 'ville. I have your address already.
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