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  1. Oh my goodness, thank you Ms. Kathy and Ms. Sharon! I can't believe it was something so tiny that pretty much threw me off, hehe. I read over each instructions the two of you gave me and they helped a ton! Sharon, your row by row guide was awesome, thank you for that and Kathy the photo reference gave me a really good idea of what the leg is supposed to look like. Sadly, the red heart photo does not show much of the hind quarters for the pig. Also, I will be looking up the tutorial so I have a better idea of what to do! Thank you again! You two have been so helpful and have no idea how
  2. Problem pattern has been solved! Thank you! Hi there! I just made an account here today hoping I could get a little insight or help with Red Heart's Cu-pig pattern by Kj Hay. I have been doing crochet for about 3 months now and just started doing Amigurumi. With this pattern, I was able to make everything alright looking until I got to the legs.. The part that has been getting me is Row 6 leading into Rows 7-10 and going into Round 11. I have a picture of what I have now and what it looks like when attempting to go into Round 11, I'm just not real sure where to go from there if I eve
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