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  1. We are a minecraft house lol. Thanks for looking!
  2. This started as a carrier for what I planned to be a toss game, with minecraft themed bean bags to throw at a similarly themed mat. Once the ghast was made and I started attaching his tentacles, my kids went nuts for it, stuffing it full of toys, swinging it around etc. They loved it so much my daughter wanted me to seal the mouth and stuff it. I snapped a few pics in the assembly stage of our hamster playing in it. We thought her coloring is similar to a ghast fireball in the game, and it would be cute to get some pics with her as the projectile lol. The first is outbound, the se
  3. Thank you so much, it was a fun little blanket.
  4. A coworker of my husband is expecting her second little girl, I was super excited to makes this!
  5. I remember previously, maybe a few years ago, reading a link posted here for easy color change in single crochet graphgans. I have never really cared to use SC for a graph, but I'm looking to try. I've done color changes of course, but if I remember this link was very popular and there was something about it that I guess was simple and provided a good knowledge foundation for sharp and consistent graph designs. Thanks in advance if anyone remembers.
  6. That flame hat chart or the first link even are very much what I had in mind, I may try to tinker with those. On a side note, that hat is AMAZING! And once my blanket is done I'm gonna try to whip that up for my son for his bday. It makes me think of One Piece, and I'm already thinking about little embellishments for it and losing interest in my nearly complete Afghan haha.
  7. I like that one, and it has the feel of flames, but I think that might be from the colors used, and my colors wouldn't give that feel. I guess I'm looking for something that would make you feel flames from shape and/or texture. I've been toying with the idea of a red on black single crochet border maybe with an interesting assortment of stitches in the middle to give the "feel" of fire. I hope that makes sense. The design is red on black with white teeth and claws 3 headed dragon. I would estimate it is about 55 - 58 inches square. The 3 colors really make a simple pat
  8. I am nearly done with my GoT inspired Afghan, I made it in simple red on black with a few white embellishments. I really want a border that will inspire the feeling of flames, simple, only using red, black, and white if possible. Thanks for any ideas you can provide.
  9. GotJowls

    Tsum Tsums!

    That little Cogsworth is too cute!
  10. Thank you so much, I can't wait to try it out.
  11. Very cute! Does she have a curly tail too? I have a black pug, IRL, and I've been looking to make a stuffed one.
  12. That's really adorable, how is the hair made?
  13. GotJowls

    Tsum Tsums!

    Tsum tsums are a disney money making ploy from what I can tell lol. They basically took all their characters and made them simple little blob guys. There's an app game with them where you break them in bust a move style, but instead of shooting bubbles at them, you draw a line connecting 3 or more and they disappear. But, more importantly for kids, they have toys and blind bag collections for kids to collect. They also have short videos on the Disney Jr. YouTube channel with tsum tsums having silly adventures. I even heard they have full arcade games in some cities, and the ar
  14. GotJowls

    Tsum Tsums!

    My toddlers are totally addicted to tsum tsums, so I've been working on making some for them, I thought I had posted pics of pooh before, but I can't seem to find the post, so maybe I forgot :-) Anyway, here they are, I just finished Minnie, and Pooh was my first one, I'm unhappy with pooh's face, needlepoint isn't my strongest talent, but I am pretty happy with Minnie. I'm working on Mickey now. I prefer a total yarn look, so in my amigurumi stuff I don't like to use felt or fabrics for any of it, and I try to find a yarn alternative. I included some real store bought ts
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