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    self taught crocheter for 10 years now. Recently married, with 2 dogs and 1 cat
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    Elk City, OK
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    crocheting, reading, some knitting and caring for my 2 children cricket(black) and Wiley(tan)
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    Labor and Delivery nurse
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    Baby clothes (hats sweaters, booties ect) what the heck, Everything!!
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    since 1996
  1. It's just beautiful!!!! I love the joining!!! Did you by any chance write up the joining pattern, and if so could you post it??
  2. Hi. I'm attempting to make the Klusters pattern from berrocco and I having some difficulty with the whole process, I have a front loader machine, and after 2 times through my piece has shrunk, but the stitch definition is still there. I found the posts saying to use baking soda/vintager and soap to late. My question, can/should I add the pH changer to a pan of boiling water or just leave it plain water to "fluff my work"? Help me, please Katrn
  3. I have been making hats, bibs, and booties to donate to the hospital that I work at ( in labor and delivery). We are also making door bows with a stuffed animal and baby goodies on them to raise money for March of Dimes. We have only recently started the door bows and wreaths, but I and about 4 ladies at work have been donating hats for about 7 years. We use them as gifts for the newborns that we deliver.
  4. Same happens here. I like to joke around and say "If in doubt about who made it, there is some dna in there that they can test to verify.
  5. Try Haas designs, not necessarily vintage but beautiful
  6. yes I am. I am a labor and delivery nurse in Oklahoma. Me and a few others on the wing crochet baby hats for the newborns that are born at the hospital.
  7. Is this it?? http://www.purplekittyyarns.com/free-patterns/Waiting-For-Santa-LW1264.pdf
  8. I also belong to the crochet partners list, they had a self written pattern for prayer beads. you will have to join to view the archives. Here is the addy http://crochetpartners.com. Go in the archives and view the Sept 24 2005 post for Rosary of Popcorns.
  9. Try this one they have some for free http://www.crochettreasures.com/freepatterns/archives.htm also try vintage baby crochet patterns, or antique baby crochet patterns as a search on ebay
  10. They are adorable!!! Did you make this pattern or did you get it from somewhere?? I would love to know.
  11. Try this one. It is and adult hat pattern but if you go down to a g or h hook and use a thinner yarn than ww It works up as aprox a 0-3 month hat. It also depends upon how tight you crochet here is the link the pattern is under hex hat http://members.aol.com/JSchlossma/hxhat.html lets see if this works.
  12. Woo Hoo!! someone else from Oklahoma. Welcome
  13. Hi I live in Oklahoma now, was born in Tiffin, OH. But my mom grew up in Temperance, MI, in fact my grandmother and uncle still lives there, and my other aunt and uncle live in Lambertville. Its a small world
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