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  1. I'm going to try it. Wish me luck I'll post a picture.
  2. I literally started crocheting yesterday! I made my first baby blanket. It turned out wonderful and I had so much fun doing it I wanted oa make my husband a scarf like mine. So it is a little confusing with all the different names and oh my gosh no way would I have ever known it was knitted :-0 thank you ladies. I've seen the woven crochet stitch but it never looked exactly the same so I kept looking. Lol guess I know why now I am going to try it anyway.
  3. Thank you so much! This option was not on my phone, but when I pulled it up on the computer your instructions were perfect!
  4. I have a picture of a scarf and I am desperate to find out what stitch it is so I can make one for my husband.
  5. Just made my first baby blanket and I am hooked. I have a picture of a stitch I am trying to find out what it is so I joined this forum.
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