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    work with developmentally disabled adults
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  1. Omg redrosesdz I just noticed that our birthdays are the same day...you are only a year older than me. What part of PA are you from? I was born in Clearfiled, PA and my family moved to NY when I was six. Thanks again for your help. I have decided to go with crocheting into the space since like you say it is much easier. I am working on a baby blanket for my niece who is due with her first daughter in January. She already has an five year old son. Nice chatting with you!
  2. Thanks for your response...since my pattern did not say ch sp that is why I was confused. A book I got from the library said pattern publishers always assume you know it is the ch sp not in the ch but I kind of disagree with that. If I can figure out how to show a picture of it I will post it. Thanks again!!!
  3. Hi, I am new to crochetville. I live in Lockport, NY and am in need of assistance in interpreting a pattern. I have completed this row: ch 5 (counts as first tr plus ch 1), turn; (tr, ch 1, twice in same st, *^(skip next hdc, tr in next hdc) 3 times, skip next hdc, tr decrease, (skip nxt hdc, tr in next hdc) 3 times, skip next hdc, (ch 1, tr) 3 times in next hdc, ^ , (tr, ch 1 ) 3 times in next hdc; repeat from * 6 times more, then repeat from to ^ once: 104 tr. The row I need help with is as follows: ch 2, turn; hdc in same tr and in each ch and tr across to last tr, 2 hdc in lst tr: 154 hdc. What I don't understand is where am I supposed to put the hdc for the ch ... in the actual chain from the previous row or in the chain space created from the previous row? Hope you can understand my question and would really, really appreciate any help anyone can give. Thanks and I look forward to this new "community" I joined.
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