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  1. I actually like mixing yarn brands as long as they are the same weight/texture. I don't like to be limited in colors that I want to use. My last afghan used RH & I love this yarn. The I love this yarn s softer but I can't tell a difference once it was washed a few times. The cardi I'm working on now has 2 different brands of cotton sport yarn. Both are very soft (microspun & spa yarn). Like mentioned, content is important if you are using wool...you would treat the FO like it was 100% wool.
  2. I was taught to crochet by a friends grandmother over 25 yrs ago. I watched her make granny squares & it fascinated me. She loved that she could share her talent with someone because her dd nor her gd were interested in learning. My own grandmother could crochet too & made sweater/booty sets for all 3 of my boys when they were born but we didn't live close to her so I didn't get to to learn crochet from her. She was happy that I was learning though.
  3. That's such nice work! Lucky mom to receive this blanket. Really nice pattern too.
  4. It isn't expensive for me. Like a lot of others mentioned doing, I use mostly free patterns, pick up .25 crochet mags & $1 books at Goodwill, family gives me yarn, I use coupons for Hobby Lobby & I don't feel a need to use expensive yarn. Simply Soft is a little over $2 a skein & is really soft & nice to work with. An afghan can get a little pricey because of the quantity of yarn you need to make it but it's not too bad when you consider how long it will endure! I'm still cuddling up on my sofa with the first one I made over 20 yrs ago using Red Heart yarn LOL
  5. This should be an interesting experiment! I have chronic tendinitis & sometimes acute where I have to stop crocheting for days at a time. I get cortisone shots 2-3 times per year allowed, I wear elastic wrist brace whenever I crochet & a stronger one with splints at night when it get painful. I use a knife grip. I'm a fairly tight crocheter/gripper so I think that makes it worse. The ortho calls it DeQuervain's syndrome (link to info about it) http://www.handuniversity.com/topics.asp?Topic_ID=45 although my tendinitis can spread all the way to my elbow & shoul
  6. I didn't officially join your CAL but I was crocheting another RR along with some of you recently & have enjoyed reading the threads & seeing the beautiful pictures of your Round Ripples! All of you are so talented & have done wonderful jobs on your afghans. This is my 2nd RR. Made for my nearly 10 yo ds, based on the version that C'ville member crochetrae did. It's on my queen size bed so it turned out pretty big, although I haven't measured it. It's a great size for a tall 10 yo though because he is almost as tall as I am! Image is clickable
  7. He is adorable! I may have to make this one when you get a pattern ready. We used to have 3 ferrets from babies to old age (Meeko, Roxie & Rosie) but I was too heartbroken when they passed to get another ferret.
  8. Very creative! It looks great. I love to see people make different covers & cozies.
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