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  1. I am always changing things according to my tastes or what I need but I like patterns for guidelines & ideas. If something is exactly how I want it to be, other than the colors/yarn, I will stick to the pattern though. Example is a RR. I like them just the way they are, but I will change colors, striping etc.
  2. My 2010 movies:hook (I did a list in 2009) Sorry if I repeat any. Sleeping with the Knitter (Enemy) Just kidding knitters. The Crochet Network (Social--aka Crochetville) The Last Stitch (exorcism) The Dark Yarn (Knight) Changing Yarns (Lanes) Skein Man (Rain) The Hook of Eli (Book) TV Shows- CSI (Crochet Science Insider) Crochet Minds (Criminal) The Amazing Lace (Race) Stitch Anatomy (Gray's) So You Think You Can Crochet? (Dance)
  3. I am so sorry that your beautiful tote & hard work were taken from you & spoiling your joy of winning at the fair too. Like someone else said, hopefully the person that took it needed it & couldn't afford a bag (most likely were not carrying a bag or it would look out of place carrying TWO purses). I think this is the only thing that would keep me from being so angry. Someone stole a lighthouse magnet off my car recently & to think I was upset about that. I let it go thinking someone must like lighthouses like I do & I'll miss it. If it were one of my creations, it would be harder to get over like that though. It's not right --no excuse to steal I hope they think about what they did every time they look at it or someone compliments them on their bag & asks "where did you get that bag, it's beautiful". They have to live with this. I hope you enjoy making your new tote.
  4. Oh yes! I would feel blessed to receive a shawl like that. Please add me. And good luck to everyone. What a nice thing to do.
  5. Welcome to Crochetville from just 2 hrs north in VA.
  6. You CAN do it! You have already passed the first hurdle. Don't forget to spray the car with febreeze, clean the ashtray & fill it with baking soda (add something that smells good, maybe shave a little off a yankee candle tart or add a few drops of essential oil). I agree with keeping snacks with you too. Another thing that may help in the car & at home are audio books or a calming cd.
  7. I am just living vicariously through all of the crocheters here & enjoying your project photos. I broke my middle finger on my crochet hand about 5 weeks ago & haven't been able to crochet yet. The PT let me go Tues so I am planning to try a small bookmark soon... I'm sure it will be more time before I can tackle a regular project. You ladies keep my impatience in check though!
  8. Tam I love your Easter dishcloth. Pretty! I am enjoying seeing all your project photos. I have SO far to catch up on my numbers. My smashed finger is starting to heal so I hope to be crocheting again soon, even if it's tiny little projects to boost my numbers lol. I started physical therapy yesterday & can bend my finger so I might have to pick up a hook & try a little crochet. It has been over a month since I crocheted & have missed it so much!
  9. What a great decision made to help small businesses! Amy & Donna are angels to do this. As well as all the other things mentioned--it will show people here businesses that they may not have known about without the ads.
  10. I block when I think the item needs to be blocked. A lot of the time I get away without blocking. Most afghans-no but one I remember blocking because it was lacy squares. most bags-no but occasionally I will block a bag by wet spraying & place some skeins of yarn inside to get it in a nice "shape". snowflakes-yes, plus stiffening but I don't make them much anymore due to my tendinitis flaring up when I work with thread. Wearables--yes & no--mostly yes probably...it depends on what it is & if it needs some shaping or lining up pieces better before sewing/joining together. Blocking is a great help in that area. How I block varies by project but an afghan I will use my bed with a quilt on top...pin & spray & wait for it to dry. Doesn't take long. Bags--already mentioned above. Snowflakes--I use the top of a styrofoam cooler with waxed paper taped on top of it. Stiffen & pin, wait until dry. Works for me & pretty easy to store when not in use. Wearables--same as afghans usually.
  11. They are gorgeous! I hope you decide to create patterns for your tea lights.
  12. sherri, a beauty of a blanket! lindsay-pretty foot stool cover. - a creative idea. ladies I am sadly having to take a break from crochet. i will have to be a cheerleader for a while. i broke my middle finger -of crocheting hand my back door slammed on it & the knuckle took the main force. i am worried if my crocheting may be affected when it heals. I hope just a couple of weeks rest & splinting will give it the time to heal and swelling to go down. sorry for my poor post grammar not using the caps key.
  13. Anu, that froggie is adorable!!! Melanie, those ami's are so cute! Good work ladies. Tam, I that red & white flannel-ghan. So cheerful!
  14. Wiz, that's exactly what I was thinking of--hopefully it's what the OP remembers her mother doing too.
  15. It sounds like a weaving tool. I can't recall it though & cannot find it online. Maybe someone else will have better luck or knows what it's called.
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