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  1. Happy Birthday, Crochetville! I'm sorry I haven't been very active here lately; I hope to rectify that soon. I probably would never have started my pattern business without the encouragement of my 'ville friends, so you'll always be very special to me
  2. You did a great job, Sue! I'm so glad you enjoyed my pattern
  3. Lovely! I'm so glad you enjoyed my pattern
  4. I agree with Cremecycle - I've seen this abbreviation before, and also "MM" meaning "move (stitch) marker". Not the most obvious abbreviations to have to guess at!
  5. If it's a basic amigurumi without any fancy shaping, you can just move your stitch marker to the point you're at now and work from there, and it won't look much different to how it was meant to be You only need to worry if the increases and decreases are clustered together to make the piece curve differently on one side from the other. Most amigurumi aren't worked like that though, so you should be fine! Post a link a picture of the pattern you're using if you want me to make sure for you though.
  6. Wow, your stash is amazing! Congratulations on finishing your craft room
  7. Wow, that's gorgeous! Great colour combo too. Nice work!
  8. planetjune

    Boxer puppy

    Aww, sweet! But yes, I can see the differences - thanks for sharing the pics! You know, I could probably just design dogs from now on and I'd still never run out of new breeds to make! I'll definitely let you know if I do make a rat terrier
  9. planetjune

    Boxer puppy

    I thought Rat Terriers looked like Jack Russell Terriers? (I've already done a JRT!) Are they significantly different?
  10. planetjune

    Boxer puppy

    I looked into this - some boxers have their ears cropped when they are puppies which makes them stand up. Boxer ears are naturally floppy though, so there are some with sticky-up ears and some with floppy ears And thanks everyone for the feedback! The face and muzzle colouring were quite a challenge so I'm glad I got it right. I do love designing dogs - they are all so cute! (I mean dogs are cute, not my designs )
  11. planetjune

    Boxer puppy

    I've just finished up a new dog design and I think (hope!) I've captured the Boxer well. Sorry the white legs don't show up too well against the background - I'll have to take some better photos later I'd love some feedback - what do you think of him?
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