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    projects inspired by nature: animals and plants
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  1. Wow, another great design, Kristen! Very generous of you to make it free too
  2. You're welcome, and thank you!
  3. I've just finished crocheting up my first ferret! I'm going to finish up his a little friend with some modifications and then I'll get the pattern written up Wanna see? Click here!
  4. You bet I will - it'll be the next pattern in my Fuzzy Friends series
  5. Ferret pattern update: I've been visiting pet stores to watch and measure the ferrets, so I'm about ready to start. Just waiting for Michaels to get their next yarn shipment (they are currently sold out of the yarn I want in all THREE different Michaels stores I have tried ) and then I will get crocheting!
  6. I'm on it, folks! Fuzzy Ferret has been percolating in the back of my head since I ran my suggest-a-pattern contest a couple of months ago, and I am going to GO FOR IT! I've got my preliminary sketches done, so I'll keep you posted
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