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  1. I was hoping to make a cable knit style hat and scarf but by crocheting. Anyone know of a similar style I can do for crochet? Thanks Amanda !
  2. Thank you so much ! I started an etsy site and been having lots of fun making things This one has been a hit !
  3. The foliage is beautiful right now here! And perfect time of year to make warm crocheted things
  4. Thanks so much for the input I agree with the width I have also made some with a wider band for a fuller coverage of ears. They are very cozy and stylish!
  5. These are some new seasonal head bands I made! The yarn may not be the softest but the material is stretchable. Tell me what you think, any feed back would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Hello from Massachusetts! Yarn and crochet enthusiast! Also a new comer to making and selling hand crafted products. Looking for feedback and helpful tips Hope to hear from other crocheters
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