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  1. Grannysquare, I am blown away that you actually took the time to do a swatch to show the lines and the drifting, etc. It all made perfect sense after I looked at it. That was really kind of you. Thanks again!
  2. Yay! You were right, Kathy! And thanks for pointing that out, Granny! I had thought of that, but when I tried it, it didn't look right. Turns out I just had to make a few more rows to really see the lines start to show. Sc, blo...how simple!! A simple change like working in the round sure does make a difference in how the finished product looks. Thanks to both of you for puzzling this out with me. I love this Village! It has such awesome people!
  3. Its not thick. It's actually very flat, almost more like knitting than crochet. On the front, each stitch sits right above the one in the last row, rather than in-between, like regular crochet. And the reverse has almost a straight line going across it. I do know that working in the round can make a whole different look using the same stitch. But I'm still stumped. I stretched them out here so maybe the stitches show better. Thanks for looking!
  4. I made a cowl a while back, and I have forgotten what stitch I used. I'm not a pro, so I don't know that many stitches. I have tried to replicate the cowl using sc, dc, tc, moss stitch, extended mesh stitch (single and double), waffle stitch... I can't get it to look like the cowl I made. It has two distinct patterns, one on each side, and I know it was worked in the round. Can anyone help me figure out what stitch I used? Thank you
  5. chickie

    identify stitch

    I love that you are taking all this time trying to help me! Thanks SO much! The reason I'm thinking a puff stitch is that there's sort of a long strand that goes over the others in one stitch. And, yes, there is what looks to me a row of sc in between each row. I have figured out (by pulling it apart) that that row happens from slip stitching at the top of these other two stitches. So it's like puff, then some long stitch, but not as puffy, then close then with a slip stitch, all in the same stitch, then skip a stitch and repeat.....? What is driving me nuts is that I keep pulling out "just one more stitch" to figure it out and I've already ripped out a whole row (there are only 3 rows in a small headband) and I still can't figure it out! Here are 3 pictures of the stitches as they progress from one stitch, to the second, to closing them up.
  6. chickie

    identify stitch

    Thanks for looking. It looks like more of a small puff than a shell, and it does seem to have two different stitches in one, with a ch 1 at the top? It looks so simple, but even pulling it apart, I can't recreate it! SO frustrating!
  7. chickie

    identify stitch

    I was wondering if anyone can tell me what this stitch is. I made several headbands last winter and can't remember what stitch I used. I even took one apart and still can't figure it out. I looked at every stitch in the Crochet Bible as well as all in my own folder of patterns. I don't do complicated stuff, so it has to be something pretty basic and easy. I'd love for someone to recognize it! Thanks in advance.
  8. chickie


    Thank you Granny Square. Both the Perfect Fit ones and Be the Change seemed hopeful until I read that the thumb is worked from the base to the tip. I really have such a hard time with the two together stiches when I reach the very tip. I'd rather start at the top. Maybe it's the arthritic fingers that don't want to work that well, but I'm determined to make mittens for the shelter, so I'll keep looking for a pattern I can do.
  9. chickie


    That's a good idea, using front and back post stitches. I don't imagine it will be stretchy like I wanted, but it would look very nice. I'll try that tonight. Thanks! As for the pattern I'm using, it's sort of made up, so I'll just give you the idea here to let you know where I go wrong. I just do a magic circle, do 8sc in ring, then 2 in each for 16, then 1 sc, 2 sc, etc, so you end up with 28 sc at the base of thumb. Then you make a thumb. You lay the thumb on the hand so that they are both pointing up and sew them together just on one side, where they touch each other, using about 4 stitches. You tie them off and attach yarn and start doing rds again. The problem is that you have 28 sc on the hand, and about 11 sc around the base of the thumb.. So all of a sudden you are making 39 sc around. So you have to start doing sc2tog for a few rds so you can get back to 28. It's doable, but confusing. Which is why I work on both mittens at once. And I don't see a pattern anywhere that does it this way. I have been struggling with mittens for 2 years now. I see people say mittens are SO easy. Why do I not get it?? Thanks for any help!
  10. chickie


    want to make mittens. I love the ones that have the back loop only/ribbed cuffs, but then I mess up on the very top and they come out pointed or with holes. Also, I hate doing the thumb on this type of pattern because it always feels tight around the base when I sew it on. I found a pattern that lets me start at the top with a magic circle and work in rounds and add the thumb when I get to that point. I like doing it this way because it gives me a nice rounded top that's tight and well shaped. But I have 2 problems. The first is that I end up with extra stitches when I add the thumb. The second is I don't get that nice ribbed cuff that's so warm. Does anyone have any hints on how I can not have such trouble around the thumb? I end up having to make both mittens at the same time, row by row, just to get them to look alike. I add the thumb (which is made separately) with 4 stitches, then continue all around, but always end up with too many stitches. And is there a way to make a ribbed cuff when starting from the top? Thanks for any help.
  11. chickie


    Thank you! I will try your patterns, reniC and ratdog. And will definitely try going up a hook size at the thumb, thanks tobybob. If anything works I'll let you know. And I'll be SO happy!
  12. Thanks for all the help. I made one more using cotton yarn, a smaller hook (I used a G), and yet another pattern that says it would fit a 3 year old. It fits me. I don't usually give up, but this is frustrating! I will try doing the math (thank you grannysquare) and using the pattern you sent (thank you reniC). After that I just don't know.
  13. Yay! Thank you magiccrochetfan! That's what I was looking for! I never thought to look under my name. DUH. This is going to make life a bit easier!
  14. Hi, I'm pretty new here and I'm having a hard time navigating the site. I will see on my phone that someone has replied to a post and I want to reply back or just thank them for their help, but I don't know how to get there. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to reply from my phone. I just get these notifications in my email, so I run to my laptop, log on, and then...? I have read the "help" articles, so I know I'm supposed to go to a forum (I go to the one I sent the original post from...if I can remember!) then there's supposed to be a list of topics. But all I see are posts. And under the topics there should be some with stars to show I replied or whatever? I am lost. I even tried to use that "custom" button (that I saw somewhere!) and set it to "topics I started" and picked a week or longer for the time. All it said was there were no topics. What am I doing wrong? How do I find my topics and reply to them? I'm not stupid, but I sure feel that way! I'll thank you all now for any help since I'll probably never find you out there!
  15. Does anyone have a pattern that makes a floppy sunhat for little girls around 3 to 6 years old? I guess I don't so much need a pattern as I need help in getting the right size. I have used several patterns (all saying they would fit a toddler) and some are small while others are huge! I do have a size chart, and I can adjust the patterns. What I don't have is a little head to actually try them on! Does anyone make sunhats for this age and could you tell me how many stitches you start with and how many increases you do? Thanks!
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